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Happy Mother’s Day!

Today in the UK it’s Mother’s Day. A day mothers cherish as the chores are finally done by someone else! Isn’t it strange how the parents that bring us up, […]

A different reality

Stewie enters a parallel universe, free from religious oppression past and present. The result? A world a thousand years more advanced. Astronomers aren’t punished for speculating the nature of stars, […]
A different reality

Question of the week: God n’ guns

Is God dictating morality any different from a weapons manufacturer implementing their own rules, regulations and morals? Why should we respect laws if those providing them aren’t affected as a […]

What do you think of death?

What is death? Have you ever asked yourself the question? I am sure you have. Can we comprehend death? Can we really die for good? We can be as sure as we […]