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Non-fiction writers

Are you writing a non-fiction book, already have or thinking about it?  If so, do you include a preface, introduction or both? How long are these pieces in comparison to […]

Miracles being answered?

I have just finished reading a blog post that described a group of 150 people that were asked whether or not they have experienced a miracle. Of the 150, 130 […]

Oh dear

This is easily one of the most striking images of Jesus, how come this doesn’t make headlines like other ‘appearances’ do?     Is it more credible for Jesus to appear […]
Oh dear

Mental Illness vs Religion

OCD has been kicking my backside recently. Sometimes I laugh at how much I preach on my blog about religious rituals being illogical when I am finding it increasingly difficult […]

Intelligent design 

Surely, an intelligent designer would intelligently tell it’s designs that they were designed. This really isn’t asking much. The methods used to tell us that we are designed are in […]

Fearing the unknown

Existence, fuck me. Crazier than any work of fiction or Hollywood blockbuster. With OCD I find it extremely hard to switch off the why? and how? modes that my brain […]

Pray for prayer to be effective

One million people, wrap your head around that for a second. Equal to that of a major city or small nation. If everyone in this image collectivity thought about solutions […]

Atheists lack social skills?

Do atheists lack social skills? This is the question asked by blogger Natural Wonder. According  to the blogger, we aren’t gifted in the old social department. Certainly my first encounters with […]