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Militant atheism

Militant atheism is telling first world adults their beliefs are contributing to the terrible suffering of children around the world. If hurting the feelings of privileged adults to expose the […]


We shouldn’t be surprised that there is so much misery in the world… We see a hurricane destroying families and we consider it a heartwarming message from God. We are […]

Devoted believers

Someone devoting their life to religion doesn’t then render the ideology free from ridicule. I have spent my whole life watching the Simpsons and this doesn’t mean Ned Flanders lives […]

The problem with the present

All we can do is look back, comparing with every fallen civilisation and reminding ourselves of our technological advancements and increased knowledge.  Unfortunately we cannot see the endless future ahead […]


There isn’t much more foolish than saying ‘Hey, let’s read what people 2,000 years ago said about this. They will have sound advice for the 21st century’…


Is it wise to debate with theists about the existence of God, if theists don’t agree with one another about God? Why argue Gods existence with an atheist if your […]