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Atheism Should be About Love

Sometimes, as an atheist blogger I am made to feel that my style can be quite aggressive. That I am hurting feelings or insulting beliefs.  The beauty of it is, […]


Does anyone else get as frustrated as I do when a believer utters the words ‘you have to go out and seek God’? The cheek! It’s bad enough being told […]

All it takes is one word

There are so many religious claims floating about the web, a huge number of these make a statement without providing any reason whatsoever as to why it should be true. […]

Confidence is key

Remember, those who don’t shy away from being vocal about their beliefs aren’t always right, most are simply more confident to utter bullshit, which is all to often perceived as […]

No thanks

I would thank God for the amazing sunrise this morning…    However it is apparant that some people such as the blind and the kidnapped, do not deserve it as […]
No thanks