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Who was this?! “You see when you are dead, you don’t know you are dead and it only affects the ones around you. It is the same when you are […]


It’s funny to see the stats on my page and how they form patterns. The surges when Europeans are waking up with a coffee and when Americans are finishing work. […]

A post is in the mix…

Wouldn’t it be great to blog free of any work commitments? I’m mid way through a post but hate to rush. Squeezing a midnight Star Wars showing between two work […]

From Blogging to Book Writing?

WordPress, I would love your help. Before I decided to take up blogging I really wanted to write a book. After the countless forums and searching the opinions from already […]

Atheism Should be About Love

Sometimes, as an atheist blogger I am made to feel that my style can be quite aggressive. That I am hurting feelings or insulting beliefs.  The beauty of it is, […]