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About my blog

I am a twenty something blogger in the latter stages of book writing. I hope to build an audience that my book will appeal to, wherever you are. I greatly appreciate the likes, follows and feedback. Hello!

Travel blogger, amateur photographer, wondering wanderer.

I love to travel and I hope to visit every continent in my life. I am also constantly in my own head, trying to make sense of anything and everything. Some say that’s a bad idea.


I hope to give inspiration to someone somewhere. My blog is a little bit of a niche so I know I won’t appeal to the majority of the blogging world. I am not a religious person. I don’t like that we are promised reward after we die, I love to travel and live life with a little more urgency. Why not have fun today? A life without a belief system isn’t a castle built on sand and I want to prove it in my posts.

I am a curious blogger admitting ignorance and wanting to learn. I heard that the best way to become great at anything is to start believing you are wrong and learn how to put it right. Being a little skeptical opens doors that you have always been told to keep closed and this will hopefully be evident in my writing. Hopefully you will follow me on this blog, maybe even through the same doors.

Thanks for reading and make today awesome!

Pssst… Are you wanting to give your blog a little extra exposure? Feel free to visit my Introduce Yourself page and provide a link to your blog as well as a little introduction about yourself. You may find your new favourite blogger, and you may become someone else’s!


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  1. Hey Sam

    I kinda just started with this whole.. blogging thing, like literally today. mostly just so i have a space to just express all of the shit that goes through my head. So this is the first time that I’ve come across your page. I have to say that I honestly LOVE IT!!! I too have similar views regarding religion and seeing the world and so on and so forth, which is why i am so totally stoked to have found a blogger who shares my view. will definitely be a frequent visitor. Oh and by the way , thanks for being my first followers 😉

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    • Welcome to WordPress! I hope you have fun blogging moving forward. And thank you! It is so nice to hear from someone with similar interests and I hope I keep writing posts you can relate to.

      Have a wonderful day!

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  2. Thanks, Sam, for following me and my blog. Truly appreciated. I’d like to follow yours, as well, but cannot find a “follow” button of any kind here. Is it hidden somewhere, or am I just missing it? Thanks again Sam, and best to you!

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    • No worries, and thank you so much for stopping by.

      That is strange, it should appear on the screen at the bottom right when scrolling through my page (this is the case on my laptop) and on my website it shows a follow button for me at the very bottom left. I hope this helps!


    • That’s why I find blogging so interesting 🙂 I like to see where we differ and the difference of opinion gives the opportunity for conversation.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Hello Sam,

    Thank you so much for following my blog. I am new to WordPress and is trying to maneuver my way around all of the configurations. I am an inspirational writer, and love encouraging others. I look forward to interacting in the community.

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  4. Thanks for following my blog! You’re the first! It’s still in construction. i like the name of yours. after many years of reading and questioning, i sat on the fence as an agnostic. then i realized it was Fear keeping me there. i became a scared Atheist, but now i Own it! my blog is about current events, politics, inequality. stuff like that. i’m a big believer in Critical Thinking which is why i’m so mad and feel so compelled to get it out on my keyboard.

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  5. Hello, thanks for the follow! Like you, I enjoy travelling, thinking about a variety of things, and having fun exploring life to the fullest. Religion has played an interesting role in my life, but I’m not here blogging for debate. Well, look forward to reading! Cheers!😄

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