I have noticed that many photographers have chosen cycling as their choice of transport when whizzing around London’s landmarks. It is a good idea with so many ‘Boris Bikes’ around, less traffic and less people on the streets. It is a money saver, good for the environment and ourselves. Not to mention more scenic than the underground.


Also shoutout to Sheree for her cycling blog and motivation to get back on two wheels!

I had to take the above shot of the cyclist stopping for a photo opportunity at the Houses of Parliament, I opted out of showing Big Ben (officially the Elizabeth Tower) as it is still covered in scaffolding. But thankfully the rest of the building is still damn impressive to look at.

How high up on your London to-do list are the Houses of Parliament? Let me know!!



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14 thoughts

  1. No better way to see anywhere than from a bike. I always say that my bike takes me to places I would never otherwise see! Thanks for the shout out Sam, much appreciated.

    1. A lovely way to put it and I believe it! It is lovely to just roam on a bike and see where you end up. No problem, I hope you have a lovely day Sheree.

  2. Great post. Biking isn’t a big a thing(I don’t think it is) in Canada. Although, it is a presence in Toronto or other large cities in terms of commuting or just simply getting around.

    I have read though, that during the pandemic and it is continuing to be the case, that bike shops have been going crazy in terms of new and used bike purchases and repairs to those “old bikes” that have been gathering dust in someone’s garage.

    1. It may well be more of a European thing, as some European countries have great bike tracks and lanes to get around on two wheels. It is lovely to know that the demand has increased during lockdown, and that people are able to have fun with the current limitations.

      Thanks Glen for the comment!

      1. Thanks Sam. I larger cities for sure, cycling s much more prevalent. I think that at least in Canada, we are further behind in adding bike lanes and bike focused infrastructure. Being more car focused, it has taken a while for cities to see the benefits of cycling as a mode of transportation aas compared to simply a recreational activity.

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