Walking through St James’s Park, there is a bridge in the middle over the lake underneath. Behind me is Buckingham Palace. And after seeing some of London’s best photographers on Instagram taking photos of the recent Red Arrow display, I have realised this would have probably been the best place to get the flyover footage.

In front of me, the London Eye rises above the trees underneath it, on the opposite side of the Thames river.


Similar to this photo I took a little closer to the famous wheel, its height dominates and shows that if you have limited time in this city, the London Eye is a must. So many tourist spots can be seen from the top.

Thanks again, and I will see you all tomorrow!



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  1. /i used to work near there and I love St. James’s Park. It can get a bit manic in summer but I loved to go there for a walk in winter just to clear the head.

    1. Lovely! I can imagine how busy it can get being so close to the biggest attractions. Will try to get down there much more 🙂

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