Not many words today for this one, I have had a long day at work and I’m shattered. I am happy with this though… the worst thing is being tired after a long shift only to get into bed ready for tomorrow and your brain just wakes up. That happens more often than not but tonight I remain optimistic.

Today’s photo is Piccadilly Circus at sunset, around May-time and therefore empty.


I like the contrast between the huge, bright screens and the empty streets, as if people left in a hurry. I guess it was fairly hurried. A photo that is very loud and very silent at the same time.

I hope you like it, let me know your thoughts. Goodnight for now, and I will see you in the comments!



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18 thoughts

    1. Night Pat! (As I am about to sleep again haha). And thank you for the kind words, I hope you and the family are well too. I noticed your Insta name change 🙂

      1. Tell her to stay safe and wish them all the best from me 🙂 (not that they know who I am!) haha

  1. Sam it’s a great picture gives you a chance to appreciate the architecture hear sounds that might have been drowned when crowded. Looks peaceful.

    1. Strange to see isn’t it? But a good opportunity to take some more unique pictures to look back on. Thank you so much Sheree! I am glad you like the photo 🙂

    1. Big difference during lockdown! But as this is easing and it is getting warmer, the crowds are coming back. I am pleased I got some pictures of it so empty.

      Thanks Megha for the comments 🙂

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