So far I haven’t found a more beautiful place to be in London at sunset. On the Millennium Bridge, watching St Paul’s turns golden as the sun sets behind the buildings. The calm sounds of the river beneath my feet and the odd rumble of a boat’s engine as it passes by.


It is a very popular bridge, used by commuters and tourists alike. Currently, much more (local) tourists and even a drone on one of my last visits. I can only imagine the footage the owner got from that!


I would love a drone, however London has strict rules on their use, so I doubt I could use it in the areas I would want to the most.

So for now some more grounded shots along with everyone else taking in this magnificent view down the Thames.


Thanks for reading!!



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  1. Wow great shots. Visited London many moons ago at that time enjoyed Stratford on Avon, was my favorite.. Remember visiting tower with crown jewels and upon entering destroyed films were hanging to remind you no pictures.😁

    1. Thank you! Stratford upon Avon is beautiful. Haven’t been in the Tower of London yet but I will! Shame I cannot take photos but it will be great πŸ˜€

    1. Honestly William, when I was in Australia I spent hours a day just liking, commenting, following bloggers, which really helped my blog get into peoples notification feeds, and therefore onto their radar. It took me a long, long time to do it and took up a lot of my day! You will get there, and I think what’s more important is engaging regularly with your current followers πŸ™‚

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