Sticking with yesterdays shots of Buckingham Palace, I had to share this photo of a businessman playing tourist.


Seeing people in suits has been fairly rare recently. I don’t know where he was travelling from however it seems he just had to pop to Buckingham Palace for a quick snap. Was it for him or was he getting texts from the family demanding a little souvenir photo whilst dad was away?

Either way I appreciate him making this a more interesting photo!



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19 thoughts

  1. What a great shot, I miss going out in London! The businessman is me in a nutshell. I simply couldn’t help taking photos on a business trip to Amsterdam. Some sights are just too good not to! 📷

    1. Thanks Hannah, hoping you get to visit soon. Amsterdam is a great city, you simply cannot visit without taking a bunch of pictures, even if it is a work trip! Sound’s like you are doing business trips right 😉

    1. Maybe he is just dressing up like that to pretend to be working, so he can be excused on public transport and having a little adventure!! It’s possible haha.

  2. I’ve traveled for a few conferences (and technically for my work abroad in the past). It’s especially exciting to go to a popular place, e.g. Paris, New Orleans, but I’ve found that there really isn’t a whole lot of time to sight-see outside of work, especially if the trip is under 48 hours; I’d be lucky if I could see the city for six hours. All the same, work trips are refreshing and definitely take advantage of being in a new environment, even if for a short time!

    1. I can see the dilemma Rebecca, being in a city for such a short amount of time with so much to see! Especially in bigger cities like Paris. Sometimes a week isn’t enough.

      But I am pleased you enjoy the travel aspect with work. Even if you only get a few hours, that may be enough in some places I am sure 😀

      1. Yeah Jamaica was under British rule and the culture still reflects customs. I still act proper despite leaving Jamaica long ago.😄😄

    1. Totally Hettie, it’s good to see your own city from a different/tourist perspective. And so much more time and space to take all those different kinds of photos!

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