Would you look at this! I get an unrestricted view of the Queens Guards. Looking at me because, well, there was no one else for him to look at. Now I know that they are trained to look forward, but knowing I was one of only a handful of people at Buckingham Palace means I must have been on their radar. It makes me feel a little special at least.


Without tourists, London sights are silent. Apart from the moment the guard grabbed his gun (I think it’s part of the routine and not because I got too close to the bars!), only the sounds of distant cars were heard.

It was so nice to walk up to the railings knowing I wasn’t photobombing hundreds of people, and not feel rushed in the process.


Another bucket-list attraction ticked!!



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10 thoughts

    1. Got to get those shots in Joy! Although with me being one of only a few people there, I couldn’t call it sneaky haha. And thank you so much! I am pleased you like it 😀

      1. Sure do!! 😜 Okay, maybe not so sneaky on the face of it… But they gave a small impression of sneakiness… 🤔🥰

    1. Ah cool okay! I didn’t change anything, maybe it was just a bug.

      And I know it must take a lot of discipline. I find standing still too long is so hard for me just in terms of getting highly strung, let alone the aches. Very impressive!

    1. Thanks 😀 And they do don’t they? However I must admit I love watching the videos of tourists pushing their luck and getting the fright of their lives lol when the guards retaliate. Deserved!

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