Of all the places I have seen slowly try and get back to normal, Borough Market is the busiest so far. Despite the increased distance between tables it seems as busy as it once was. This is a little closer to the river, taken outside a pub overlooking the London skyline.


It is strange how the biggest buildings in a city are the most empty right now. Normally filled with workers at their desks on each floor, now the people fill the pub gardens as they reopen. People take to the river and have their daily walks, making the most of the daylight they do not often see between 9-5 on a weekday.


A little cloudy, but a big improvement in the weather right now!



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20 thoughts

  1. It’s been almost five years since I last visited London. Very strange how the crowds have thinned out due to the pandemic. Very similar to what I’m experiencing in Los Angeles, and it’ll be a long while until things return to normal. Still gorgeous shots of your city, though!

    1. I can only imagine what LA is like right now, especially with it being even bigger than London! Hoping things return to normal for both our cities soon. Thank you for the nice words towards my pictures, London knows how to look good even even without the people 😀

    1. Social life helps make work life bearable 😀 and social life is all we want back this year! Dare I say people want their work life back too? Maybe so.

      Thank you Nads 🙂

    1. They recently reopened (only some of them) due to the lower cases and death rate. However I do worry what easing the lockdown further will result in! However I haven’t found anywhere to be too busy since reopening, it seems like people are happy staying at home still from my experience walking around the capital.

      Thanks for commenting William 🙂

      1. There are few cases here now too, but I am also afraid that people are becoming too complacent. Pictures of German and English people partying in Mallorca are frightening, because I don’t want to experience another lockdown.

      2. Is this happening already?! These party resorts are going to be fuel for another lockdown I am sure. I do hope this won’t be the case.

    1. Pat! I haven’t seen you for a week, I was wondering where you had gone haha. As long as you’re safe and well 🙂

      Regarding, the notifications, I’m not sure what’s happening. I’ll have to check it out.

      1. I think we have talked pretty much every day for the last three or so years… so a week without you just feels empty!!

        And okay… is it just my blog or others? If it’s just mine I’ll have to see if there is some issues on my side

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