A dark and gloomy day, The Shard’s tip only just visible below the clouds, planes slowly disappear behind them upon take off.

DSC_0045 (2)

Many flights in and out of London seem to bend around The Shard, but despite the perspective the planes are probably twice the height. I remember my first flight into London on my way to New York City from Newcastle, my first view of Tower Bridge was from my plane seat. It was amazing to see the football stadiums and some of London’s most popular sights from above.

Have you ever seen a city from above, and been able to spot the popular sights from your window? Let me know what you have seen!




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14 thoughts

  1. I love when a flight comes in over the city! Doha is like that, you can see The Pearl, the city’s iconic man-made island, from above. You captured a beautiful moment, I love how the aircraft adds perspective – makes one realize how high The Shard really is!

    1. The Pearl looks amazing. What a view that must be, especially on a lovely sunny day. (I have just been looking at lots of images online of it!)

      Thank you Nads 🙂

  2. from REALLY above – from both of our city observatories, the Hancock and the Sear’s. The office window views may be also fabulous, but not THAT above 🙂

  3. Did you take the photo? It’s fantastic.

    I’m terrible at recognizing sites from the air. I saw the Grand Canyon from a plane and still wasn’t quite sure that was really it lol I have, however, spotted icebergs when I’m flying back to Canada from Europe 🙂

    1. I did 🙂 All the photos I post are mine, but if I use someone else’s I ensure they are credited. The Grand Canyon must be easy to spot! But then again depending how high up you were I can imagine it is difficult. Seeing icebergs must have been amazing!

      1. The icebergs were just white spots in the ocean, but it was exciting to realize what they were lol. As for the Grand Canyon, I think it was probably pretty obvious– I’m not sure why I was so uncertain at the time (I think I might have been slightly traumatized from the trip– long story). That’s what I thought about the photo– nice job!

      2. No matter how big or small, knowing I am looking at icebergs would be pretty cool! And at least you can say you have seen it. I imagine I would be doubtful in disbelief of seeing something I have seen on TV my whole life. Would be amazing.

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