I think Covent Garden looks great in a dark, grey preset. Particularly when it is empty of tourists. The picture below is the most recent shot, taken as numerous acts start to play to the slowly growing numbers making their way here again.


But away from the popular performance square, the silence was deafening. Closed stores, seating areas padlocked and wildlife takes advantage.




Of course we have the odd person making their way through, most probably locals and key workers. I used my iPhone to capture the reflection in front and behind me, which I think gave a pretty cool effect.

Especially when areas are so quiet, you want to know who’s lurking behind you…

DSC_0079DSC_0080 (2)

As sad as it is to see places of entertainment so empty, the selfish side of me will miss having it all to myself. But that selfishness goes away pretty fast knowing that these stores need business fast, otherwise there will be no reason to visit.

I can only take so many photos without life in them before photography sucks the life out of me.





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4 thoughts

    1. After walking past today, it seemed much busier than my visits in the past couple months. So things are looking up Darnell!

    1. Very true!! When we aren’t distracted by the norm, other things stand out. It shows we should always keep our heads up when we walk as we never know what we will discover, even if it is the 1000th time we have walked that path!!

      Thanks so much 🙂

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