I have started to number these as I will post one picture of London during lockdown everyday. This is my 11th picture so far of my current batch taken in June and edited via Adobe Lightroom.

Here I am looking up to 20 Fenchurch Street aka The Walkie-Talkie, the skyscraper with one of the best viewing platforms in all of London.

In fact, the SkyGarden has opened up again, and I was even looking to go tomorrow. However we are expecting rain the next few days so I saved it for another day.


This building curves as it rises… meaning if you stand at the entrance the tower is towering not just above you, but literally over you. This is the same building that reflected sunlight straight down onto the street and melted cars underneath, resulting in a redesign to stop it occurring again. Not that we would have had this problem today.

I hope you like this building as much as I do!




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  1. I wanted to comment more in addition to what I said on Instagram. It’s not just it is tall. There are many tall buildings, but not all of them are so elegant and beautiful in their tallness. In Chicago, in the time of peace, of cause, I know that the tourist season started judging by the number of the phones tilted 45 degrees up :). And the most dedicated photographers would lie down on their backs to take a shot like your’s (I seen it for real!).

    1. That’s what makes a great skyscraper, not just being tall, but being beautiful too 🙂 I bet it is a sight seeing so many tourists with their phones in the air… I hope noone gets a bad neck from it 😀

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