This is an interesting name for a complex. One New Change. It seems to be a retail area of shopping and restaurants, as well as an amazing rooftop view overlooking the city. Dominating that view is of course St Paul’s Cathedral.

Sadly I wasn’t able to take the elevator up to the rooftop, as it is still closed for now.


I discovered this spot whilst looking at images of the cathedral on social media. It has become a popular place for photographers, with the dome perfectly placed between the reflecting glass of the new complex. I saw people taking selfies today too, no doubt after seeing it online like I did. There is another great place to view the cathedral only a couple minutes walk behind where I am standing here, and these shots will be uploaded soon.

I am sure other major attractions around the world have these little areas in which they truly shine from, and with more and more development in pretty much every city around the world these little openings are valued more and more by a photographer.

Have you found your own little spots to take photos where you are? Let me know!



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19 thoughts

    1. It depends on the person! I know you like to record from time to time, maybe you prefer to take more videos on your travels instead of photos!

      And saying that, it does help that I am in the centre of London. As I have so many famous sights around me I always take my camera out. If I lived further away I would probably do it less!

  1. I love this name… One New Change… Especially in the day and age we’re in this year, with a hell of a lot more than one new change – harking back to more normalised days…
    I’m living between spaces at the moment; and this has made me think of how I can photograph city life photos.. I’m usually inspired more through natural beauty… Though I did find an interesting graffiti the other day and wanted to photograph, but as it was urban, didn’t give it the time… I will now… 😍

    1. Lots of changes!! 2020 has been full of them. Natural beauty is hard for me to come by in the city, however there are odd spots. But when I can find them I do love to take photos. I like both really. And if the graffiti is good, you should snap it! There are some very talented street artists out there 🙂

    1. Thanks Sheree! And yes thankfully this is a thing, I do know that some cities have rules about limiting buildings to certain heights to prevent blocking out views of historical buildings. I am glad that is the case. It needs to continue long into the future! 🙂

  2. I have a photo in the exact same spot; as you mentioned, the reflection makes it a truly great place for a photo. It makes me feel nostalgic, as it’s not too far from my work office in London 😊

    1. Oh perfect! Sounds like the office is in a great location. And I am sure the changing weather patterns means it looks a little bit different in every shot 🙂

      1. For sure! Obviously it’s best done on a sunny, clear day for a good reflection. Although the main challenge is getting a good shot in central London without any people in it 😝

      2. Oh yes a sunny day would be lovely but isn’t happening right now sadly… I will have to wait. And regarding the crowds, that’s why I have been taking so many wanders during lockdown! Haha

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