A London icon. Seen everywhere and loved by all, standing proud for generations. What was once the only way of communicating by phone in the street, is now used as the backdrop for selfies. It is funny how phonecalls are an afterthought on today’s smartphones.


But I have no idea where the phone went from this one. Or the door for that matter. Stolen? Taken for repairs? Maybe all the phones are slowly being taken out as they aren’t necessary? I don’t know how I feel as I don’t yet know the answers.

This was taken in Covent Garden, and many of these phoneboxes still possess a phone. I checked. So for now it remains the only one I have seen.

Have you been inside one of these? Let me know. And if I see more phones disappearing overnight, I will let you know!



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15 thoughts

  1. We have a few round here in Lincolnshire. Sometimes they put scarecrows in them, or they put plants in, or small tableays like nurses or policemen or angels. I love those old phone boxes.

    1. Haha really? I love that. As long as they are being put to good/creative use I am more than happy. Anything to keep them going!

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting 🙂

    1. I’m hoping it’s not the case 😩 but of course it could very well be. As long as the phonebox itself is still standing!

    1. This is more welcoming news ☺️ something I learned recently was that BT are actually selling a lot of these phone boxes in the UK for just £1!! But you need to be an organisation or charity to purchase one. So I guess many of the ones done up are in fact owned privately. However if the councils are happy to do this to the rest I wouldn’t be mad at it!

  2. Those things are a part of history that is fading away. The next generation will have no idea what they were or why they were needed. Its rare to find one working now. Nice pics Sam.

    1. I hope it doesn’t fade away. I guess all of history is at risk of that, and they have stood the test of time so far. I have heard of them being used for useful things such as storing defibrillators, so it is good there are still uses for them!

  3. Shame, since those phone booths are almost a London landmark. I hope the booths themselves remain, even if repurposed. Besides, where is Superman going to change when he visits London if they’re taken down? LOL.

    1. We need Superman more than ever right now! So we need to keep the telephone boxes. However they won’t be going anywhere thankfully, maybe a few phones go AWOL but that’s about it 😀

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