From Instagram, 29th June 2020.

Covent Garden before the post-lockdown crowds.⁠

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I am going to miss the emptier streets in a way, currently 2020 has seen me lose faith in humanity more and more with every month that passes. More reasons to hate each other and less willingness for conversation. So a lonely walk without human interaction is therapeutic.

But then again the lockdown has seen us online more than usual, and this is where trolls and their toxic thoughts reside more than anywhere. At least people are rarely as toxic in person as they are behind a keyboard. We need real life conversations again as talking behind a username is a recipe for disaster.⁠

I have enjoyed the lack of interaction on my walks at times, but then again realise face to face interaction is usually much more pleasant than it is online. So the jam packed tube rides that we all label as ‘unfriendly’ in London will be welcomed with open arms… if I had that much room to do so. The commutes crammed but silent sound like heaven right now.

At this current moment, silence is like gold.

I hope you are managing to avoid the negativity, and more importantly, avoid being sucked into to it. It is contagious and sticks to you like glue. And once in that negative headspace it is hard to make that shift towards happiness again.

Stay motivated, stay optimistic and we will get through this, whatever it is that you are personally fighting for.



Due to the Coronavirus outbreak I am somewhat limited as to what I can do in London, but I aim to post as much as I can during this time. I promise to have some great posts coming your way once this is all over as I continue to explore London.

Stay safe and happy blogging!



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  1. I’m totally with you on this. I am at the point where I keep an eye on what’s happening in the world, but through a filter – not because I’m passive aggressive or in denial, but to not let it affect me in a negative way. Silence really is golden – information is better processed without noise. This is a brilliant post, Sam. Keep spreading the motivation!

    1. I totally understand. Taking time away from it, or viewing it through a filter as you said is do doubt going to be better for our mental health. A wise move indeed.

      Thank you Nads, I really appreciate it 🙂

  2. Nice post. I’ve entered the lockdown with hopes for better human race as a result of it. You’re right, that hope was really challenged instead, but it’s still there, at least a small one still is. Stay safe and positive!

    1. I hope you can cling on to that hope for a little while longer, you are doing so well and by the sounds of it, a very optimistic person too.

      Thank you for the kind words, stay safe and positive too!!

  3. Very well said statement of the mixed feelings all of us have now, even way down here in little Costa Rica. 🙂

    1. Are you missing driving? Or just travelling in general? That is the hardest thing for me, not being able to travel to see family and friends. I hope you can get back on the road soon if you are still unable to!

      1. Oh I am so sorry to hear. I am just a message away on IG if you ever need to!! I hope the week improves for you.

    1. Yeah despite hating having to weave in and out of people everyday, I know we need it. And if anything I am hoping it helps me appreciate them once they are back.

      I hope you’re well Sheree!

      1. Great 🙂 I am well too thanks, it was my birthday yesterday so have a little headache but that’s expected I guess! haha

  4. Life is not very different for us, other than having dr. appointments by phone.
    I get upset with all the news south of us, but as my husband is a news addict, I can’t really not hear it. If I leave the room, he’ll just read it to me later from his phone.
    Our province has done really well with our virus numbers, so that’s a plus.

    British Columbia [for perspective, we are larger than Texas]

    1. It sounds like it has been well contained. Glad life hasn’t changed much for you as well. I hope it stays that way!

      PS I think we all have that news addict in the family, haha, even when we want to escape it we can’t! :p

  5. I do miss dining in at restaurants. In some areas we can now, with limited capacity. I am not ready to take that step as we do not have things anywhere close to being under control. In my part of the US, numbers aren’t bad, but I am not ready to risk it yet. I am a bit of a news addict. However, I try to offset the drudgery of the day to day news with the happy stories – the ones that help me maintain a positive outlook for humanity. 🙂 Thank you for this post!

    1. I am missing restaurants a lot. I think it is wise to stay away for now, as I know some states that eased the lockdown are seeing a spike which may make their lockdowns increase again. Same here too.

      And great idea, avoid too much negative news and search for the happy stories! I am sure there are plenty on WordPress too 🙂

  6. California’s lockdown was about at the level of what other places consider beginning re-opening. We could get take out food but not eat in at restaurants, etc… Massage parlors, bars and “gentlemen’s clubs” were about the only businesses completely shut down by the state too.

    There was still a ton of people working from home, and I did enjoy the clear roads when we had to go out. That I will miss.

    Tennessee was re-opened to the same level as California by the time we arrived. We had it easier than most I suppose. Traffic was really light when we first got here. Now it’s a zoo. 😛

    1. I listen to a few podcasts that are based in Cali, they were considering moving to TX to escape the lockdown haha. However some states that eased the lockdown are seeing an increase in numbers I believe? So I guess it makes sense to stay put.

      Sounds like reopening is happening at the same pace as it is here in the UK. Cheers for the insight!!

  7. Glad I am in continental Europe and not in North or South America! Seems like it took time for the British government to take this seriously. It sounds really bad in theUSA, but one good thing about the spike in infections is that a lot of people are turning away from Trump. I get the impression that people just want a normal person as president, who cares about their health.

    1. Yeah the US has it bad, and we aren’t coping well either. Our government were too slow to react to it and with London being such a hub for air travel, it was always going to spread from there.

      I think Trump won because people wanted some kind change, now I think people want stability! However I am unsure what effect this will have on his ratings, it’s going to be interesting (and a little scary) to see what happens.

    1. The space has been glorious. And maybe more people will think twice about getting on transport when they can stay at home and work, or even try to limit being in big crowds in general from now on. Will be interesting to see what changes we will see in the long term!

  8. Glad to have found your blog through Nadia! I agree with you that trolls and toxic people are more apparent than ever, especially with COVID-19 tensions. But I think it also has to do with the nature of social media, as we can hide behind our keyboards and not be as careful with our words. It’s especially been rough here in the US, with COVID-19 cases spiking after lock-down restrictions lifted and the BLM protests. Like you, I’m limited to what I can do in my hometown of Los Angeles, but I try to get out there when I can (and with all of the precautions)! Looking forward to more posts from you soon. 🙂

    1. Thanks Rebecca, likewise!!

      Yes sadly there are increasing tensions, and it isn’t helped by people using anonymity to make their thoughts heard. I can only hope compassion increases soon and I am hoping to remain in high spirits by reading blog posts that are a little more upbeat than the current news. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts also 🙂

    1. Yes wildlife has really bloomed hasn’t it! And seems to have made a lot of people consider relocating to the country.

      1. That’s interesting–we haven’t had the “move to the country” effect here. I think the wildlife would probably prefer it if we stayed out of the country, though.

  9. Completely with you on this, Sam. With due respect to all those who are affected due to this pandemic, this “social distancing” could not have come at a better time for me !! Will surely try my best to make this (the social distancing) my new normal irrespective.

    Here’s wishing a speedy recovery to all those affected.

    Belated happy birthday to you !!

  10. Completely with you on this, Sam. With due respect to all those who are affected due to this pandemic, this “social distancing” could not have come at a better time for me !! Will surely try my best to make this (the social distancing) my new normal irrespective.

    Here’s wishing a speedy recovery to all those affected.

    Belated happy birthday to you !!

    1. Maybe the world will try to take a similar approach (or lack of!) and distance where possible. I too hope those affected make a speedy recovery and RIP to those that didn’t make it.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes, much appreciated. I hope you have had a great weekend 🙂

    1. Do you really think so? Real question, as at first I loved the lack of pressure, every day feeling like a Sunday or Christmas Day. But now I need the motivation more than ever as it is hard to get it back! I hope you are able to stay productive 🙂

  11. I am from U SA and retired so not much changed, except for years I downloaded The Archers podcast six days a week to listen to the story while I Jogged in the morning. I don’t do that anymore, its just not the same without the interpersonal dynamics, imaginary as they may b, even though its still just a story.

    1. Routine is great, I love a good podcast whilst on a jog! Have you stopped jogging for Covid or something else?

      I hope you are having a great week 🙂

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