Where I live in London

This is Old Street, the area in Central London I now get to call home.


I am quickly learning to love this area. It has a great buzz and Shoreditch, the wider district, has a lot of cool bars and restaurants making it a pretty fun place to be. I live and work very close to Old Street roundabout, the busiest area of Old Street with Old Street Underground directly underneath it, so my location is great for getting around the whole of London.


In fact, I remember when I first got to London asking for directions to Kings Cross. I was the idiot dragging a whole suitcase onto the tube making my way from City Airport to King’s Cross, and for some reason I got off at this station. I remember the roundabout well and the two people I approached that were just as clueless as I was about the area, ensuring I had a mental breakdown on route. I assume I was just stressed on the tube and wanted to get off a couple stops earlier (Kings Cross is just two stops away from Old Street) and misjudged how long it would take to walk.

Now, I am used to the tube a lot more and not taking such large items with me makes it a lot more tolerable. That and I don’t have to get transport to work as I am a five minute walk away. It really is the dream. I get the tube when I am wanting to visit people or do a little exploring, and with this I can choose to avoid the rush hour.

But saying that, as the advert above states I have found myself tutting at people in London. Not out of a dislike for them but being stuck when all I want is to be as far away from the crowds as possible. The city is filled with tourists wanting to take their time appreciating the sights, it is also filled with workers rushing around trying to get to work on time. It isn’t a good mix and from time to time I try to remind myself that I am both of these people. I am sure I have angered a few Londoners when I swap my suit for a camera and wander around with my eyes on everything other than the path ahead. And I am sure that the impatient bunch in the rush hour annoy the locals when on their own holidays outside of London. It is just the way of the world and it helps to realise that despite being annoyed, we too are just as annoying. We simply don’t see it as much as other people do.

And escaping the crowds is my main focus right now with all of this Coronavirus malarkey affecting the world, crowded places are places I want to avoid. In and around work I am seeing more and more people wearing masks, people from all over the world. I work in a luxury residential building with many nationalities, and if I am honest I am really happy not to be working in a hotel as I was just over a month ago. I am mainly interacting with the same few people daily, and many residents have been told to stay at home until further notice. As with many other countries toilet paper is as valuable as gold and hand sanitizer can only be found on the deep web. That being said the streets are a little quieter, a bonus for sure.

And for those that read my recent post, the lighty-up cone now has a friend. Someone caught onto the idea that you can whack a traffic cone onto a ground light and magic things happen. It is the kind of joy I need in a world full of depressing news.

But I am happy, I am settled and I am now feeling the motivation to blog again. The motivation to do a lot more in general really, I have joined a gym nearby as getting fit is my main priority this year and I am hoping that helps to motivate me further in all kinds of ways.

But tell me about you, has the virus affected you where you are? I know Europe is getting hit pretty hard right now and in fact yesterday most views to my website came from Italy. Due to the lockdown? I would assume so, however if it was just one reader I thank you dearly for making your way through my posts. Stay safe over there! And stay safe wherever you may be.

Love you all, thanks for reading and I will speak to you all soon.

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  1. What a beautiful view!
    Yes, avoid crowded places. Here in Georgia, we are experiencing a number of school closures amongst many other things. But still trying to play it cool and not PANIC but remain cautious.
    Love how you carried a huge suitcase with you carried a suitcase with you at first! LOL

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    • That suitcase was a mistake on the underground haha. But I’m glad to have moved here, London is full of beautiful areas!

      Closing the schools is wise (we haven’t done it yet) however indeed be cautious more than anything. Too many people are panic buying!

      Thanks for your comments.

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  2. So far, so good here, but there’s something to be said for living in a small city 3 hours away from the nearest larger center. Hopefully our residents curb their travels to the larger areas for now. Being in our mid 70’s, we’re not comfortable with having this virus anywhere near.

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    • You Australians have certainly had a rough ride in the past few months, I’m sorry to hear 😦

      I have my fingers crossed for you! I’m sure the wedding will go perfectly well and it will be an amazing occasion to remember. Have a wonderful time!

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  3. See that you’re keeping your word and began posting. Living in a town near a military base is worrisome. Also my daughter and husband are both military. Since many travel the world and come from different bases. I’m happy we moved a month ago, living in a home on a mountain top and kids exercise safety measures. I have asthma so I don’t need exposure. I don’t get the toilet paper panic, how much does one need for a months isolation? 😜 Having lived in Chicago most of my life I understand how a local can sometimes be frustrated by tourists. But they boost the economy, so in the end you can’t be angry. πŸ˜‚ at you and suitcase. Two of out subway systems (tubes) go to two airports so suitcases are a pain in the a$$ if you commute on those lines for work, especially rush hours! Have a great day! And wash those hands and no shaking hands. πŸ™ƒ

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    • I will keep my word, daily blogging is the only way I can keep at it without it dwindling into nothing. And I should have lots to talk about here so I have no excuse! Mind you I bet Chicago is a great city, I’ve heard great things and would love to visit.

      I can imagine having a family in the military is a fascinating life, and I wish you and your family the best. My sister has asthma so I can relate to you and the concern. All the best x

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    • Hopefully the numbers don’t grow too much further (although this is unlikely sadly as it seems to spread fast) and at least measures are being put in place to contain it, such as cancelling mass events. I feel here in the UK the response is a lot slower than in other countries, but what can you do! Stay safe πŸ™‚

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  4. Anita

    Omg I love the bill board. And yeah, life in London can be stressful but extremely exciting as well. I personally can say, that London is a city I will never forget πŸ™‚ Wishing you good health in these challenging days with coronavirus. Cheers

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    • It is great isn’t it!? Caught my attention straight away.

      And I am glad you appreciate London! Love it or hate it, it is certainly a city to remember. I feel the same way as you and I am sure I will have many great memories of my time here.

      Wishing you good health too πŸ™‚

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  5. It’s been a hell of couple weeks for sure! I was in Egypt when it all really started to kick off two weeks ago in the Middle East… I managed to get back into Kuwait – and then left again last Thursday for spring break holidays as most staff at the international college did… Last Tuesday we got the news that visas were being revoked… Panic… And then that the borders were shut Thursday… On the bright side? I’m back in jolly old England, there may be no toilet roll left but I’m enjoying a glass of wine and will be teaching my Kuwaiti students online for the next two weeks… Cheers!!! πŸ₯°

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  6. Really glad to see you back! Only moderate effects of the virus here, with emptier streets and shop shelves. Our bigger concern is that Louis Catorze has been unwell for the last 3 weeks, which has been a distraction from the greater horrors of the world (although Cat Daddy would argue that Catorze is still a great horror). How are you?

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  7. Anonymous

    Hello again mate,

    glad you are settling in OK. I know what you mean about the shops. I have just been to a large Sainsbury’s in Whitechapel and a smaller Asda in Mile End and the shelves are proper Mother Hubbard’s cupboard, it is ludicrous. Fortunately, my little Asian grocer just across the road still seems to have most things.

    I do like those “lighty up” cones, I’ve never seen that before.

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    • Hello! Thank you for the kind words. I have found that my local shop has a few things too, it seems people are mainly going to the bigger chain stores for their things! Funny that.

      Glad you like the cones too, had to upload it. Thanks and good to see you again!

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  8. Our 2020 World Tour is also your last chance to see Cecil Baldwin perform live! Don’t worry, Cecil will continue to play Cecil Palmer on the podcast and the live show is going to continue in 2021 with new stories, but this will be Cecil’s last live tour! Come on out make this tour the best one yet!

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