Hey everyone, I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. A much better one than mine as I eagerly await my first paycheck, looking through the window at the London skyline like a dog waiting for walkies.

Roll on the 31st.


But I have tried to remain productive outside of work and compile a list of things I want to do in London. I recently told you that I was planning to do more on Instagram, using the platform’s polling feature to put two London activities in my story every week and see which one people want me to do. Two attractions that follow a similar theme, and with the list I already have, I won’t run out of things to do very soon.

An example of this is below, I have done a bunch of these and have enjoyed putting them together.

trafalgar square vs piccadilly circus

So far I have paired a few things up, and still putting a bunch of things to do in the list. For anyone from London or those that have spent time in the city, I will add the current list here and would love if you could help me think of more cool and interesting places.

The list so far (not in any kind of order) is:

Emirates Air Line cable car

Go up to London’s Sky Garden

Big Ben (warning- under construction until 2021)

See Tower Bridge lift up

Covent Garden

Borough Market

Try an authentic curry in Brick Lane

Have a crispy battered fish and chips in Camden Town.

Changing the Guard ceremony in front of Buckingham Palace

Meet the Beefeaters at the Tower of London

Trafalgar Square

Piccadilly Circus

Go sightseeing on an iconic London red bus

Visit Aldwych abandoned tube station (if open)

Soak up spectacular views of London’s skyline at The View from The Shard.

Take a boat trip on the Thames

See the Apollo 10 command capsule at the Science Museum

See Egyptian mummies and the world-famous Rosetta Stone at the British Museum

Tuck in to a pie, mash and liquor at one of London’s pie shops

Try the Chinese cuisine in London’s Chinatown restaurants

Visit Crossbones Graveyard, a graveyard for medieval prostitutes

Drink coffee in a Victorian toilet at the Attendant

Oldest prison in England (Clink Prison Museum)

London dungeons

Tallest bar in London/ Smallest pub in London

North London Derby

Take a tour of Wembley Stadium

See graffiti at Leake Street tunnel

Visit Karl Marx’s grave at Highgate Cemetery

Visit London’s oldest red telephone box

Walk over the famous Abbey Road pedestrian crossing

Take a Harry Potter Walking Tour

See the neon signs at Gods own Junkyard

St Pauls Cathedral

Visit Greenwich and stand on the Longitude 0 line

Brixton Market

Visit Pudding lane (Great Fire of London) and learn more about Samuel Pepys and his diary

Find the pump that cured Cholera in Soho

Have tea in the 300 year old Twinings tea shop

Visit a Roman Temple dedicated to Mithras

The Post Office Railway

Last Tuesday Society (not sure what this is exactly but it sounds strange and intriguing)

See the oldest surviving Surgical Theater in Europe

Stay overnight in London Zoo

Banksy’s ‘Designated Graffiti Area’

Churchill War Rooms

The Traffic Light Tree

Temple Church

Seven noses of Soho

The Embassy of the Republic of Texas

End of current list


A lot of places already!!!

Thank you to those that have already provided suggestions, this list will keep me going for a while. But then I need to take into consideration that I will try to do most of these, and if my posts are ‘this or that’, the ones that aren’t successful will have to be done at some point too! Maybe I will do a new poll for the losing options once I have made my way through.


I am currently living really close to Borough Market and the Shard, both seen in the picture above. I have tried hard not to have too many wanders into the tourist areas before I get myself a new camera on payday and do some proper blog posts on the locations I visit. But I have been working full time anyway which has helped. So far I am happy to just have some casual wanders day and night around the local neighbourhood that is Southwark.


Despite feeling a little anxious to be moving into London’s city centre, I have felt very safe on all my walks and on public transport. One reason for this is because it is just so busy all the time, no matter the time of day. I feel safer in numbers, and despite the higher crime rates inevitable in a city of 10 million, I would much rather be around a high population if it happened and not down some dark back alley in the middle of nowhere. The constant sirens of the emergency services and sight of police everywhere is welcomed too. Not that I want there to be a new emergency every ten minutes, but knowing that they are there protecting the city.

And with that I haven’t met too many miserable people either. The common belief (particularly being from a much smaller city up north) is that everyone looks down and that London isn’t a particularly friendly city. But I have found that most people I have engaged with have been pleasant, even in the most chaotic of crowds. I am hoping this isn’t just beginners luck and it stays like this whilst I live here, I can only imagine how many people I could possibly meet on my adventures and I am really, really looking forward to getting out there and exploring properly.

The beginning of November will be when I am back in the zone.

Thank you for bearing with me over the last month or so, I haven’t blogged much since moving back to the UK but it will all be changing in a week or so. It is all about finding routine and I am settling in well and cannot wait to do some more solid full time blogging in London.

Let me know what you would like me to do, have a great weekend and see you all soon!



The websites I used for these activities are linked below.







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47 thoughts

  1. What fun! You have so many places to visit and so many things to do. I look forward to hearing all about them in due course. I’ll put my thinking cap on too for potential activities and places to visit. What about all of London’s wonderful museums and galleries?

    1. Thanks Sheree, London has plenty of museums and galleries so no doubt I will add more in there. I put a couple of them in the list above, the ones I could remember off the top of my head. But as I learn about new ones I will make sure to add to the list!

  2. Excellent way to organize your travels. Idea for you: can you write a beginners guide to travel? I took my first solo trip in June and found myself overwhelmed and unprepared so i spent most of my time in the hotel. Im admittedly anxious about interacting with randos but maybe if i planned better it would be easier. I’d love to hear your approach from planning to executing a new trip.

    Thanks as always!

    1. No problem Scoot, I have added ‘a beginners guide to travel’ in my drafts. I will try to come up with a decent post and I hope to add an interesting perspective. To be honest I am not very good at planning in advance, however I still feel a great time can be had despite this. I will add a post with what I plan in advance, and what I do when I am in a destination. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. I wish I had your list 2 weeks ago – great stuff on here. If you can fit in a show, we went and saw Tina which we loved. (Tina turner – may not be your bag).

    1. You have the list for next time 😀 and hopefully more inspirations with other places I find of interest.

      I didn’t think of adding a show to the list, I went to a show for the first time in years recently and it was great. And London has some great ones on offer! Thank you for suggesting this Pam. Added to my drafts!

  4. Great post! I can only relate to how hard it is to do everything you want to do in London!! It is such an amazing city!! Hope you’ll get the chance to do everything – or at least a huge part of what is on your list! 😊

    1. I am pleased I am living here as it would be very hard (impossible) to cram everything into a holiday!! We will see how I get on in the next few months xD thanks Juliette.

    1. I didn’t know there was a webcam Pat! That’s great, I love things like this. It would be surreal to see your friend on one of the most well known crossings in the world wave at you on the other side of the world!!

    1. For sure. This is what I love about living in a new place compared to a holiday. I have much more time to explore, and have a job to keep funding the adventures! But even so, I find I still run out of time! Haha.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I recently moved to London from living abroad for 2.5 years in Vancouver. It has been quite a transition but it’s important to remember just how much amazing culture and things to do that there are here. Enjoy your move!

    1. Would love to visit Vancouver! And I am glad you are enjoying London. London has so much history and amazing architecture I am going to be wandering round for a long time to come. I will check out your posts!

  6. Sorry but I have to add a couple more:
    1. A nighttime Jack the Ripper walking tour is interesting and fun. I believe it meets near the Tower of London.
    2. The Museum of London is interesting and has some old Roman wall remnants right outside.
    3. Windsor Castle and, even better: Hampton Court
    4. I personally didn’t like the London Dungeon. It was set up like a haunted house for kids, but the Clink (on your list) is good.
    5. I’m not a huge art fan, but the National Portrait Gallery is fantastic.
    I’ll stop for now. Have a great day.

    1. Thank you, just added them too! Thank you so much for mentioning. I can imagine London Dungeon could be like that as it is very touristy, but I will go nonetheless. Looking forward to Clink also!

  7. Not that you really need anything else to do in London right now 🙂 but when you do and if you are looking for quirky you may want to check out The Vaults, an alternative arts venue, which is under Waterloo station. The Underground Film Club is, according to my daughter, particularly good fun, complete with headphones to cancel out the sound of the tube trains.

  8. Since you have 10K followers are you using your blog now to earn money? I wish I could do the same… blogging is a passion and having it as an income earner is wonderful. I know 2 bloggers that are doing that and they travel the World. One is based here in NZ though she is American. One I met in Doha, Qatar as we promised each other to meet up after finding ourselves as blogger friends 🙂 Keep it up I am behind you!

    1. I am not sadly, I am a long, long way away from being paid enough to be of any benefit to my blog! It would be lovely to gain an income from this, however I will have to keep at it and see what happens.

      Nice to hear that you have been able to meet a fellow blogger! I haven’t done so however I can imagine it would be great to meet and share common interests. Good on them for being able to earn through this and I really appreciate your support! Maybe we can join them one day 🙂

      1. I wish but I don’t have a lot of followers like you. Apply to WP since they mostly put ads on every blog (like mine) for free, best to earn it instead of a thank you. I can’t yet coz I don’t have enough followers plus I am not consistent with my time with blogging.

      2. One you become more consistent with time and blog posts, you will see change. Just keep at it and I am sure you will see an increase in engagement, no matter how big or small. The important thing is seeing that increase!

        Keep it up and try to maybe post on the same day each week, or month, or however frequently you are able to. And on days off or when you have more free time maybe start adding to the post so it is ready on the day your followers expect. We don’t always get the same free time every week, but we can use what free time we have to delivery consistently when followers expect it 🙂

  9. I’d recommend adding the Sky Garden to your list, it’s free to visit too!

    Sadly I think you’ve probably missed the best of the North London derby. I sincerely hope I’m wrong but I fear derby day at the new Tottenham stadium won’t live up to what it was at the old White Hart Lane. The Emirates experience really didn’t feel like a proper derby to me either.
    I think if you’re going to do either try and go to the game in Tottenham (only option this season anyway).

    1. That is one of my first priorities Jason! Really want to do that and I live only a stones throw away from the Walkie Talkie. Looks like a great experience.

      Thanks for the info too, I am happy to wait until next season (and I think this might be more realistic anyway), it does seem that smaller stadiums have great atmospheres that bigger stadiums can’t replicate. Shame that!!

  10. Such a great list!

    I have lived here for 13 years and there is still so much to see.

    Some suggestions:
    Camden High Street is great just for the cool designs on the buildings, and of course the markets.

    Natural History Museum is one of my favourite museums. Most museums have ‘Lates’ so the last Wednesday or Friday of each month. So you get to have a wander around in the evening, often with music and a little tipple.

    Also Christmas has started already 😉 so a many places have ice skating (Somerset House, Natural History Museum, Winter Wonderland).

    Portobellow Rd Market (Notting Hill)

    Ride the DLR (it’s driverless, if you manage to get a seat at the front it’s as if you are driving). You could visit Greenwich at the same time, The Cutty Sark, The Observatory etc.

    1. Thank you! More to add to the list here, and with Christmas arriving I really need to check out the Christmas markets and events. Thank you!!

  11. Great aspirational post. I wouldn’t bother with the cable car trip as it’s a rip off. But I’d recommend booking a visit to Denis Sever’s house in Folgate St. Not many people do that.

    1. Of course! Thank you, I have added to the list. These sound great and I hope to do them at some point. The more things on my list and the more I can blog about, the better! I appreciate it 🙂

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