I’m back in Europe! And thank you for helping me reach 10,000 followers!

I am delighted to share two things with you today, a surprise ruined by my post title I know however I wanted to get straight into it. Thank you to every one of you beautiful readers for helping me reach 10,000 followers. I couldn’t be happier.


Ten thousand!!! An incredible number and one I could have only dreamt of reaching when I first started blogging. But I love writing and sharing my stories/photos and am delighted I can share them with so many of you.

I apologise in advance however, with me leaving Australia and everything that that involves I am a little delayed with my blog posts. I have been back three weeks now however with everything I have been doing in this time I could not have posted everyday. I went to my step-grans funeral pretty much straight after getting back, and have been up and down the country quite a bit. I have also been to Berlin for a few days to see Muse live, and spent some time exploring the city. So in a way the delay in posting helps me, as it gave me enough time to post all of my Australia photos and gives me time to plan and prepare some in depth posts of my experiences since landing back in Europe.


I have lots to talk about. And I am going to try and put out some longer and more detailed posts for you as I feel each trip has given me more than just the photos. And I love sharing some cool facts about destinations every now and then.


So this is a little sneak peak as to where I have been, but there are a couple more adventures to add in too!!


Thank you for being amazing and supportive, I love you all and will speak to you soon from my new city, London.





Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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