My Australian Journey #28: Chinese Garden of Friendship and one of my favourite street artists

Even chaotic cities offer the opportunity for tranquility. And I found it here on my second trip to Sydney from Brisbane, with my mum and sister. The Chinese Garden of Friendship is located next to Darling Harbour and China Town, offering a walk around a beautiful Chinese Garden in a little oasis in the middle of the city.



It is really hard to come out of here in a bad mood. I think this kind of afternoon is a necessity for anyone living in a populated area to stop us from going mad. We can only take so much congestion and noise before we start to go insane, even for the most die hard city lover. You also get the opportunity to dress in traditional Chinese clothing as you take a walk around the lake and surrounding nature.

And from an ancient culture to, I guess another one. Street art (or cave art) has been around as long as we have and anyone that has followed me long enough will know I do love a good example of it. Below is one of the first pieces of art I stumbled upon in Australia, by artist Kelsey Montague. I will link her Instagram at the bottom of the post.


Her artwork is unique as it inspires passers by to interact with it. Not so much this one, but take a look at her other works. She is well known for painting wings and swings, and is really brought to life when someone poses alongside it.


This one was situated in The Rocks near Sydney Harbour. It is the colourful and inviting nature that I like too, in a world with so much bad news this is an example of positivity that helps me to get by day to day.

Maybe you have passed by one of her works in your corner of the world? She is worldwide so there is a chance. If not, look out for one!

Insta: @kelseymontagueart



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  1. jasonlikestotravel

    I stumbled upon those gardens by accident on my way to Darling Harbour. Definitely worth a visit and a good little escape if you’re a local I’m sure.

    Liked by 3 people

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