The beautiful Great Ocean Road. A must do when in Melbourne, this road trip will take at least a day or two out of your itinerary but a trip to Melbourne wouldn’t be complete without hitting the road and experiencing the worlds longest war memorial.


Built between 1919-1932, the Great Ocean Road stretches 151 miles, and is a fairly short journey south west of Melbourne and onto the route. The blue skies are from my first visit here, a day trip that was a very long day indeed. If you are to do the trip, two days is sufficient to ensure it isn’t too rushed. The second time I did this was in a hired car instead of on a coach excursion, and staying in a motel overnight ensured we could spend a lot more time enjoying the ride between the stops.

Below, Teddy’s Lookout with the Great Ocean Road beneath it.



And it is always wise to look beneath your feet in Australia…


And despite that, take a moment to look up, too. Sometimes it is possible to see some much friendlier animals, such as the koala sleeping in the shots below. Koalas sleep a hell of a lot, so if you see one it is possible to get some great photo opportunities.


And then, travel to the Twelve Apostles and look out towards the rock formations that have become a real tourist attraction. The dramatic landscape and crashing waves creates a stunning view from this height. Helicopter rides are possible here too, although I was more than happy to take in the views along with the hundreds of others that flocked to the view points along the coastline.



They shouldn’t have been in this shot, there are warnings to stay within the fenced area but there’s always some that like to ignore the signs.

I guess if someone asked me what is a must do in Melbourne, it would be this. But only if you have at least a whole day or two to drive there. And hiring a car is so much more fun and relaxed than a coach trip, although I thoroughly enjoyed both drives.

I hope you liked the pictures, there are plenty more in the linked posts.

If you have been on this trip, let me know! And if you have been on a road trip elsewhere in the world that I should know about I would love to know about it.

See you all soon!

Great Ocean Road: Part One

Great Ocean Road: Part Two



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    1. Haha, well funnily enough one of the koalas on the first trip needed the toilet… and dropped a load as we were walking underneath narrowly missing the guy in front! Was very funny and even he had to laugh.

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