I went back to Sydney twice during my time in Brisbane. This one in November with my friend Paul, he made the journey out here whilst having a conference in Dubai. He realised he was already half way to Australia, asked for the time off and we got to see Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane before he made the long journey back to the UK.

The second trip was early in the new year with my mum and sister, so although these snapshots of my experiences are in chronological order, it sometimes seems a little randomized.

But Sydney. The harbour was of course one of the first stops, I saw a little bonding moment between a kid and his dad and it made for a good shot. Future adventurer? I hope so. And what will an explorer in the next few decades explore? Hopefully more than Earth.

Maybe he’ll blog from Mars, you never know but I’m excited for the future.


I took Paul (who was my flatmate in Newcastle) on the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk as unlike the clouds in the shot above, the skies cleared beautifully. I though this day of all days was perfect for it. It was- as you can read in this post from the day– a perfect time to spot jellyfish… they were all over the beach!


Above, the famous Bondi Icebergs Club.


What I love about this coastal walk is that the landscape constantly changes. The ups and downs would be more bothersome if it wasn’t for the stunning scenery on route. With this in mind another addition to the walk, Waverley Cemetery, is a graveyard with beautiful views of the ocean. Despite sounding like a depressing addition to the hike it is in fact a rather interesting one, offering some pretty special views of the ocean and weather permitting, skies.


Sydney is a great place for a holiday. I didn’t mind revisiting to show my friend around, neither did I mind returning once again early in the new year. It has the postcard views and is big enough to try something new each and every time.

Sadly I didn’t try this boat though.

Each Australian city has something unique to offer. Sydney’s strengths are spoiling us with a number of beautiful and famous beaches, as well as the attractions we have been brought up to love and admire no matter where we are from. And no matter how many times I am back, I find myself gazing up at the Harbour bridge from the same spots and not getting bored of the landscape in front of me. I did make sure not to take it for granted when I worked so nearby. But with new cruise ships everyday, changing whether patterns and the various events taking place around Circular Quay, I don’t think I would have been able to take it for granted. Every day was a little different. Hence my seemingly endless stream of Harbour photos!!

I hope I haven’t bored you to death with them all…



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