Tony Hawk, a living legend and someone I admired growing up. I used to skate as a kid and those days were some of my favourite memories, along with the hours spent with friends playing his classic video games on the PlayStation.

So when I heard he was in town for 2018’s Bowlorama, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to see him in person, if at all possible.


This was taking place on Bondi Beach, on a great day to watch some skaters tear it up much better than I ever could without a cheat code.


I mention the day in this post along with many more pictures of the occasion. There were plenty of people there to spectate, walking around the stalls of famous skate brands and on the temporary seats surrounding the bowl.

I noticed that there was a huge line leading to one of the stalls and had a closer look…


It was only Tony himself doing a deck signing! I was able to see him in real life, up on the roof of the Santa Cruz stall taking photos with fans. It was very surreal, as it often is when you see someone that has always been on a screen. Very annoyingly I went to purchase a deck before security notified me that they had stopped the queue growing any further, putting an end to hopes of me getting a photo next to the legend.

Oh well, I got a couple of shots and as I didn’t realise he was here until very late, grateful I saw him at all.



I wasn’t that crazy about him to make this more of a regret and missed opportunity, instead I just think it was a great day with the added bonus of seeing a world famous skater. However I ask you, who was the person you admired growing up? Maybe a musician or athlete, a philosopher or family member… I would love to know.

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the post, pictures and linked post.

See you all tomorrow!




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9 thoughts

  1. Ahhh, a brush with celebrity greatness, hehe. Very cool.

    I sort of met Carl Weathers several years back. I used to live in the same county of Georgia that “In the Heat of the Night” was filmed (the TV show not the movie). The ex and I pull into the grocery store parking lot and wonder who the expensive custom Mustang belongs to (it was a small town). After we get our groceries, we notice Carl Weathers standing in the quick check line with a hat and sunglasses. Multiple people noticed him, but everybody respected his privacy and he only got a smile and a nod from everyone. No pics either as it was before cell phones really had cameras.

    1. That sounds like the perfect life for a celebrity- no camera phones, people respecting his privacy… how times have changed haha!

      A very cool story indeed, thanks for sharing it!

  2. At least you have a photo to remember.

    We’ve seen several….not necessarily favourites, but tickets to live performances are tickets to live performances….

    Wayne Newton
    Johnny Rivers
    Buddy Knox
    Bobby Curtola
    The Diamonds
    Famer’s Daughter
    Prairie Oyster
    Patricia Conroy
    Michelle Wright
    The Oakridge Boys
    Gary Fjellgaard
    AND….Michael Buble before he was Michael Buble….hahahaha. He was 19 at the time & doing a live musical play in Vancouver.


    1. Never turn down a ticket to a live performance! I must admit I don’t know all of them there, but I am sure you had a great time! Oh and well done on seeing Buble before he hit the big time, must be cool to be able to say that 🙂

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