I don’t know what they call people from Newcastle, NSW. You are a Geordie if you are born within a certain area of Newcastle upon Tyne, sadly my accent differs only slightly yet is enough to give away that I was born 40 minutes south. Not close enough to get the Geordie label, I am a ‘pit yakka’ due to my towns coal mining history and the miners that used to work in them.

Newcastle however is also well known for it’s coal port. And with that this Australian settlement that was once called ‘Coal River’ was renamed as Newcastle for sharing this industry.


Looking at the shot above, you can see an oil tanker just leaving the picture to the right. A sign that this city is still very much industrial.



It was interesting to see people relaxing on the beach with a huge tanker sailing by, however it doesn’t take the charm or beauty away from this small city.


One thing I noticed was that despite being very sleepy in comparison to Sydney (for obvious reasons), it was very active along the coastline. An example can be seen here with all the paragliding. I don’t know if I just turned up on the right day or it is always like this, but it was a great sight with some perfect photo opportunities.


As I went alone, I headed to a bar alone. What I find with smaller towns is that it is fairly easy to make friends. A group of people noticed I was alone and allowed me to sit with them, one drink turned into a few and before I knew it I had a great and unplanned evening with great company. I truly appreciate this and it reminds me that if I am ever in the same boat and notice a solo traveler, a small gesture like that can be a great memory for someone.

Oh, and someone brought a parrot to the bar. The only time it is acceptable to tell the other half you are drinking with a bird.


You can see that there was not a single cloud in the sky above me in these photos. I went on the perfect day, I’m pleased as I was on the coastline for pretty much all of it. For a beach photo I want a blue sky always, and it makes such a difference here.

I am looking through my posts and it seems that at the time of visiting I didn’t publish one dedicated post from here, instead a bunch of smaller ones. I will however add more pictures and street art over the next couple days, and also about to upload to Instagram via the feed and story. Feel free to take a look!

Also, I have noticed my Insta feed embedded into my website is down, I am not sure why. I did change my profile from standard to a business page, maybe that has something to do with it. If anyone has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

But I have linked my Insta below as always, I hope to see you there and I will also see you here tomorrow!



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16 thoughts

  1. It was great seeing your photos and reading about your visit to Newcastle. It is a lovely city and one I lived in for about 10 years. Since our family relocated to the country many years ago, it has really been ‘improved’ and looks great now. Those beaches still look amazing and I remember the paragliding from years ago. A great trip down memory lane, so thank you!

    1. This is another similarity it has with my Newcastle back home, the renovations and improvements made to make the city look much nicer. I am pleased you enjoyed the post and had a trip down memory lane!

  2. I want to say newcastle residents are “Novocastrians”….but Im not filled with certainty…
    Its a lovely area, a little north is Shoal Bay which is divine.

    1. Apparently so! I googled it and it says this was the case for both Newcastle NSW and Newcastle upon Tyne 🙂 Thanks for the info.

    1. I agree it is nice to leave the more popular cities and see a city away from the limelight… I enjoyed the trip. Glad you did too!

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