My Australian Journey #14: George St, a very impressive cruise and a first glimpse of Newcastle, NSW

The below shot of George Street was taken at Christmas time, although I found the Christmas decorations pretty underwhelming. Maybe that is because it was an area full of offices that are usually shut over the festive period. Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough, I am used to a smaller city with everything in one place. But anyway, I find this isn’t too christmassy to upload in August.


I wonder how the city is getting on with the tram/train lines… it seemed to be under construction forever and speaking to Sydneysiders at work, still seems like a frustrating aspect of CBD life.

Fun fact, the guy taking a picture above has my year of birth on his sweater. I get amused by these kind of things.


One thing that can’t be closed for improvements thankfully is the ocean, and I was always taking photos of the harbour. My favourite ship to dock, Ovation of the Seas, would show up at 6am on a morning and take up every window of my workplace overlooking the harbour. Considering this was a hotel with windows spanning the length of the building, this was very impressive.


It is incredible to see the stats on these ships. This one in particular:

Decks: 18

Maximum Capacity: 4,905 passengers

Length: 1,142 ft (348m)

Tonnage: 168,666

I have a dedicated post called inn(ovation) with some more shots, and I have added some of these to my Instagram too. It makes me wonder how far we can keep pushing these vessels and what we can do on them. Royal Caribbean are a company that keep pushing and I love companies like this.

Have you ever been on a cruise? Maybe even this one? Let me know!


But switching cruise ships for oil tankers… my next bunch of shots have left Sydney and are now in Newcastle. Here is my first shot from the city a little further north in New South Wales, and I will in the next couple of days show you my favourites from here- from beaches to street art. Funnily enough it has many similarities with my Newcastle (where I lived in north east England) and I will share these too.

Speak to you soon!



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  1. I’ve been on 2 cruises. The first was out of Baltimore to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Freeport on the Carnival Pride. The second was out of NYC to Boston MA, Portland ME, St John NB Canada and Halifax NS Canada on the Carnival Sunshine. I liked them both but the second was my favorite as I loved exploring the different cities and the Canadians are so much nicer than Americans! At least in terms of traffic… they would stop at intersections to let us cross even if they didn’t have a stop sign. I hope to one day take a cruise along the west coast of the US.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maybe because there are a lot less people in Canada, they are willing to stop for you a little more haha. I did notice however in Texas that people did this too, this was in a small town though.

      Those cruises sound fantastic by the way, jealous of the trips and hopefully get to go on one at some point!


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