This day was a walk in the park. Like an actual one and one of my first nature walks after arriving and working in Sydney’s CBD. I can’t tell you how many times I flinched at hanging branches that resembled snakes or jumped at the sound of rustling leaves. But one deadly aspect of Australian life did occur. Bushfires.


Now I am petty sure this was a planned burning to prevent actual wildfires. I doubt the firefighters around us would have let us stay here if not, and the sign highlighting the risk of fires was ‘only’ at ‘high’.


Phew, I guess.

Here is the moment one of the helicopters picked up water to take to the fire, it was pretty damn impressive to see in person and shows that despite nature being incredibly powerful, we have came a long way and can fight back at times.

I was talking to an American couple that were living in Sydney at the time, as you can hear from the accents. It probably would have been better if I wasn’t chatting over the footage (who likes their own voice on video anyways?) but that’s something I cannot help.

More of this experience in this post and plenty more pictures too.

Have a great Sunday! I am sadly having to work nightshifts this weekend, so having a very chilled couple of days which is helping me greatly with uploads and blogging. Let me know what you’re getting up to!


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20 thoughts

    1. Very interesting, I can imagine how much such a disaster brings people together, as we see so often in such circumstances.

    1. It really is! Was awesome to see in person (as it was planned I feel I can describe it that way haha). Very interesting sight. Thanks for commenting 🙂

    1. It really isn’t! But it just goes to show how devastating they can be. I wouldn’t want to be around when one is spreading that’s for sure.

  1. Wow, thank goodness you were “only” at High. I seriously laughed out loud when I read “Catastrophic!” Haha it’s just so crazy it’s funny to me. In all seriousness though, that sounds dangerous.

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