Airport celebrities 

I took this shot as I was leaving Gold Coast Airport after my recent trip to Brisbane. Often upon leaving the airport I have seen people waiting eagerly for their family and friends to walk through the doors after a long trip away from home, but I haven’t seen a camera set up ready for what I assume was a VIP arrival of some sort.

I wonder who it was. I have on a couple of occasions seen footballers and managers flying inbetween games to who knows where, and I remember being on the same flight as Jeremy Kyle (not that I am proud of that), who is Britains answer to Jerry Spinger on route from London to Newcastle.

I know who I would love to see walking through those doors however, the band Muse (no surprise to most of you!), Joe Rogan perhaps as I’m loving his podcasts recently. But my question to you is who would really catch you by surprise if you were to see them in the same terminal as you? If you could have anyone walk through those doors, who would it be? Have you encountered any big name travellers in the past?

I’ve learned in airports to always keep a lookout as you never know who is sharing the same space with you.

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  1. I heard a story about a bishop who was in an airport, and someone came up to him to ask if he could hear his confession. He did and while they were talking, someone else came up behind him, and before long a line had formed. After hearing a few confessions, the airport staff came up to the bishop to ask him to move to the food court or somewhere away from the terminal–people were starting to think there was something wrong with the plane!

    I once passed John McCain in the airport. He wasn’t heavily surrounded and he was walking briskly, i probably could have talked to him if I wanted to, or if he didn’t appear to be in a hurry.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if this is a set up for a TV montage on a reality show, where they show snippets of someone leaving, arriving, in about 3 seconds. Wonder how much time they are spending for so little footage!

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    • That’s a hilarious story! I thought it was going to be a joke at first xD

      Surprised McCain wasn’t walking with a big group around him actually, and not having this probably makes him blend in a little better. I also wonder how much effort goes into these little snippets, and I dread to think how long it takes to make movies!


  2. Nigel Mansell in Heathrow airport – I was only about 5 or 6 years old! But my dad was a massive F1 fan and so that made me one too, of course! We were on the super long non get off horizontal escalators and my dad said, “I think that was Nigel Mansell back there!” So we walked all the way back and sure enough it was, with a couple body guards in a completely empty part of the airport! He signed my hello kitty scrappy notebook and then said, “hang on” and got out a big shiny postcard with him in his super cool racing car and also autographed that for me too! I just remember this feeling of confusion and awe. Still have both autographs 😊

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    • The second time the Obama’s have been mentioned here! A popular choice and I agree. I wasn’t familiar with Issa Rae if I’m honest but just googled her and now I am. I hope it happens one day!

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  3. Only brushes with fame (besides now living a block away from a world famous poet) – being physically shoved out of line at a small Oregon Coast bakery by Arnold Schwarzenegger and his World Gym entourage, while near location for a movie. But in Denver airport saw Nicolas Cage using a payphone before cell phones were common. I kept circling to make sure it was him and it was. God, I’m ancient.

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    • I wouldn’t want to mess with Arnold haha, although he seems like a nice guy. And wow, a payphone! The younger generation today would have a hard time comprehending such a thing! Especially a celebrity using one.


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