I found this guy very kindly offering insults for the bargain price of $1 today, outside of Flinders Street Station. If the world needs more of something, it has got to be insults…

Or maybe we need more people able to take offence. As Rocky famously said, it isn’t about how hard we hit. It is about how hard we can get hit and keep moving forward. What stops us at times is our decision to find things offensive instead of realising it is a waste of time even acknowledging it. As long as we are moving forward, everything else is irrelevant.

Like regrets, we should focus on the future and not what has already been said and done. The past may be the reason we are where we are, but we can use this moment to keep moving, or turn around and try and get back to that past which isn’t possible.

I say keep moving!



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36 thoughts

    1. I’m not sure, everytime I looked over and have seen him since he has been chatting away with people. So he is generating some interest at least!

    1. I am not sure if he is getting insulted, or doing the insulting. I should have asked. However if people are paying I hope they are doing the insulting at least!

    1. I will have to find out! When I walked by I just thought it would be a funny shot without asking the big questions. I feel like I failed, but if I see him again I will make sure to ask!

    1. I didn’t, and I am not sure exactly if a dollar lets me insult him, or the other way round. I will have to ask next time!

    1. Haha in all honesty barely anything. I don’t consider myself a paid blogger as although I get revenue it is hardly anything. I think you have to be a very, very successful blogger raking in hundreds of thousands of views a month just to get a good pay from blogging.

  1. People now a days are way too offended to easily. I think its just like people are suing people way to much for little things that could definitely be handled in a different way.

    1. Sadly there is a culture for that, it is good we live in a much safer time (depending on where we are of course) however it means we are angered by smaller and smaller issues at times. It is a good and bad thing I guess!

  2. Interesting to see other people’s perception of this. I automatically assumed you were paying a $1 to be insulted, however it does make sense it could be the other way around. I look forward to an update! A $1 well spent for the curiosity of your followers I think! Haha.

    1. I think as it is in the CBD and around a busy commuting area, people will be stressed from work and I am sure business would be better if he was the verbal punching bag for a lot of people haha. I will have to find out, even if I give him $1 for the answer…

  3. There’s a restaurant in Chicago, called Ed Debevic’s, whose entire schtick is (and has been for decades) that the waitstaff are as rude to customers as possible. I never saw the appeal, but people used to flock there.

    Rather avoiding rudeness: thank you, Sam, for coming over to my blog and giving it a follow! I’m honored.

    1. I think I have heard of a similar place in Texas that is of this nature, suitably called Dicks. I want to go to one! Chicago will be on my list of places to visit when I go back to the US at some point, so i will have to try it out 🙂

      Thanks for the recommendation (if it was one!) haha.

      1. Haha–I don’t even know. I feel like I went there once with a group of people in my mid-twenties, and just found it overall overwhelming and therefore only have very hazy memories of it.

      2. I like to think they are rude in a fairly friendly way though… I wouldn’t want any servers being intentionally rude because they enjoy it and that’s why they work there haha.

      3. I suspect there’s a little of both—they’re rude in a friendly way, which actually serves as an outlet and psychological buffer for those times when they are feeling genuinely irritated with customers. 😄 Having worked in good service briefly myself, I know there are times when customers themselves are so rude or clueless that it takes everything a person has not to let loose a diatribe of rudeness! If you have it built into the dynamic already, I would think it would automatically make the customer/server dynamic more playful and therefore less frustrating.

      4. Haha yes!! I agree with everything you have said here. It can be hard to refrain from being rude back, however working in a place like this could well help to relieve the pressure in small doses through playful banter.

  4. aww, I was kind of hoping you had taken the man up on the offer. xD Just to see what kind of insult he would come up with. xD Oh, well. This is hilarious nonetheless.

      1. XD He might just be giving generic insults, the kind someone could say to anyone, instead of really insulting the individual. Who knows. ^_^

      2. Probably, although I would appreciate a really personal one as it would show wit and quick thinking! It may hurt but the appreciation would be there haha.

  5. I agree with just keep on moving. One can’t change the past, but one can create the future.

    I am on vacation in India, visiting my family. I am finally getting a chance to read your blog posts and catch up with my emails.

    I am starting with July 7th and moving forward in time with your posts.

    1. I hope you are having a great time in India!! Always lovely to see family. Don’t spend too much time reading my posts, if I was in India I would just explore all day xD

      But seriously, your comments are really motivating and helping me to blog so thank you 🙂

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