I thought I bagged a window seat, and I did. Just without the window.

Luckily there was noone behind so I could recline like there was no tomorrow. 

That’s the thing with short haul, budget airlines, I rely heavily on the view out the window. The lack of wifi gives me limited options however with something to gaze out to, the ride is that little bit better.

And back to Melbourne it is.

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  1. It isn’t a funny situation for you, but the way you described the window seat without the window made me laugh. I can just imagine how you must have felt! At least you kept your sense of humour about it all!

    1. Oh trust me I don’t mind at all, there’s much worse things happening in the world! Even better was the fact that I had all three seats to myself so spent most of it lying down napping. Score!

    1. I know I know, I have had a hard time being able to chill and just read a book, even on a flight when there is little else to do! An audio book is something I would consider though as I can close my eyes and relax whilst listening. I will have to download a couple!

  2. Oh no – a window seat with no window – that’s deception on the airline’s part lol. I’m big on books too – I always have one just for the flight – and download a few songs and videos to my phone or tablet just in case 😊✈️

    1. I think an audio book would be better for me as I like to be up and on the go a lot, and even on a flight I feel it is hard to read and get stuck in a book. Not sure why as I loved reading as a kid, I just have a shorter attention span these days!

      1. Audio books are a brilliant idea Sam – and you’re right, sometimes it’s hard to get into a book on a flight – especially if it’s noisy or you’re a bit uncomfortable – you can just rest your eyes and listen. I think I’ll give this a try nest time too 😊👍✈️

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