I had a laugh yesterday. In the search terms box of my blog- the bit that tells you what people have searched for to find your blog- I found the following:


I instantly knew what this meant.


Benidorm. In English translates to ‘land of grace and sobriety’. At least that’s what my bartender said as he asked me when to stop pouring. But I remember taking the above photo from our roof top pool like it was yesterday and because of the amount of beers we had, I am surprised I remember anything at all on this trip.

The mountain was unique as it looked to have a perfectly cube section missing, as if it was cut out by a stag group overnight for a laugh. I am not one to post about the same thing twice, so if you want to take a look at the original post from June 2017 it can be read by clicking here.

I found it funny that someone else on what is blatantly a boozy holiday looked up with probably chronic room-spin and wondered why a mountain had a bit missing. Sometimes alcohol makes us ask life’s biggest questions…





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