Yesterday was a very fun day. With each and every day that passes down under I feel more and more like a local. I went to my first AFL game here in Melbourne and it was a great experience. This was the view from the impressive MCG stadium at sunset. 

I will blog about this experience more in depth tomorrow as its my day off and I have a few photos to share. But the team I went to see won and I’m pleased I got to enjoy the experience, which is a must when in Melbourne. 

I’ll see you all soon with an update!


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  1. Only been to the MCG – fantastic ground – to see cricket. I do however have an AFL game on my list of things to do on my forthcoming trip only six weeks away. I need to understand why Aussies are so passionate about the game.

    1. I hope you go! It would be fun to see cricket here too, such a big stadium. Enjoy your time here though regardless πŸ™‚

    1. Haha I have had pie here, but not at the game sadly. I was next to Collingwood fans so at least everyone near me was happy xD

    1. Haha that was you in the orange buggy?! That’s awesome!! We were watching you as you were going around!!

      1. Not on the ground in the stadium. We ferry people from the stations to the gates. There are about 5-6 buggies at each game. You’ll see us going through the buggy runs (orange barricades). I’m not there until 29/6.

    1. It was high up but I liked it as you could see everything going on. I have been here 21 months now, my two years are almost up πŸ™

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