I am probably in the minority here, but I love a rainy day. It sounds contradictory as I curse to myself all too often during that awful moment when I take my wet shoes and socks off, I should look at the soaked pavements underneath the sea of umbrellas with dread when venturing out. But I don’t. I just feel calm and relaxed and go about my day.


I think this mindset comes from childhood. I remember in my more lazy teenage years a rainy day would give me a guilt free pass to stay indoors and play video games. I loved being outdoors as a kid as much as I do now, staying indoors on a nice day is very difficult. I can’t do it. On a rainy day I feel like I am allowed to and that sense of urgency washes away with the sound of the rain. I get a great sense of nostalgia.

It sounds crazy flying from the UK to Australia and being happy with the rain. But I have had my fair share of summer days down under. Sunshine that I made the most of on the incredible beaches down the east coast…


And sunshine I avoided as much as possible whilst picking watermelons for ten hours a day.


The sun can be a blessing or a curse depending on what we are doing. And being from northern England, the northern Queensland heat can be intense. I only recently moved from Brisbane and the weather there was still very humid for me even in March… I had to buy a jacket and scarf and actually wear jeans immediately after moving to Melbourne. But I didn’t mind the relief from the constant humidity, how long I will remain happy will have to be seen.

I’m not sure if ‘I like the rain’ is worthy of it’s own post, but one of the reasons I got onto my blog so soon after work is that I needed to get indoors fast. It is a blessing for my productivity on the blog.

And with that I ask, are you a fan? I have met Aussies that are jealous of the mild temperatures I get back home, and Brits that have moved here for the sun and never went back. And of course the exact opposite. I know some of you need the rain right now and will through the summer, and it reminds me to be grateful if anything.

What’s your verdict?


Featured Photo by Kieren Andrews on Unsplash



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65 thoughts

    1. I haven’t experienced a proper monsoon, I bet it is pretty incredible. Would love to visit India too!

      1. Thank you! Although I cannot take credit for the featured photo unfortunately, however the rest I can 😀

  1. Having been brought up in Ivory Coast, I know exactly what you mean!! My favourite thing ever is a tropical thunderstorm – especially playing in them and getting absolutely drenched!! The sun has recently become the enemy – no idea how or why but after all those years living in a tropical climate you would think I could live happily in the sun forever – but now I’ve spent 12 years in the UK and I get really bad sun rash! Gutted… The only time I hate rain is when I’m walking in it to work.

    1. I think it makes more sense to like the rain from a more tropical climate, if it brings a bit of relief from the heat. English rain brings relief from the… cold haha. But it is interesting to read that you have adjusted to British weather, however great to know that you still don’t mind the rain despite living there for so long 🙂

      Thank you for the comments!

  2. Rainy days are for getting out and about. A bit more cheery than being at home.
    I love Melbourne just not a fan of its weather. But then before you could hate it ..it changes again 😂

      1. Indeed! I was quoting lyrics from the song sung by Morecambe & Wise, but maybe you’re too young Sam:-

        Bring me sunshine, in your smile
        Make me happy, all the while.
        In this world that we live, there should be more happiness.
        So much joy we can give, to each brand new bright tomorrow.
        Make me happy, through the years.
        Never bring me any tears.

  3. Storms have a wild beauty and even wet days can have their own charm and transform the scenery into something new. Ideally, though, I’d like the occasional rainy day with a lot of sunny days in between. Too much wet, grey weather has a negative impact on my mood.

    1. I think I agree with you. Rain in small doses is a good break. But too much grey isn’t good for our mood surely…

    1. Haha, I know 😉

      I lived in the valleys back home, so flooding was never a problem in my village. But trying to walk uphill sometimes was!

  4. Without rain, how would we ever enjoy the sun?
    I love both, in balance. But there is something about a rainy day that fills me heart with a special joy. Must come from growing up in a temperate rainforest 🙂

    1. Great point. Reminds me of Dolly Parton’s quote ‘If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain.’

      Learned that line from the British version of The Office of all places!

  5. Sun in winter here is nice as there is no real heat in it. I don’t like summer sun & the intense heat that goes with it. Never have. I only go out in when I have to, but am always sunscreen-ed, & hatted.

    Rains are good as long as I don’t have to be out in it, & we desperately need all the rain we can get, but are not.

    Wildfires are now a constant worry from April to September, & am not looking forward to any of these months. We pretty much go from winter to summer, summer to winter now, with very little spring or autumn in between.

    1. Your summer sounds like our British one, Pat. And it sounds like your Canadian seasons go from one extreme to another! Whereas ours stay pretty mild.

      1. The Vancouver coastal areas are more like Britain with rains, but we seldom have rain inland here. We do get downpours & many electrical storms throughout the year. Lightning is a culprit for many of the fires, but they are usually human caused….tossed cigarettes, for one thing.
        Most of our precipitation is snow, but lately our snow pack has been low, continuing the drought conditions due to the global warming that ”doesn’t exist”. I really wish the climate change deniers, & politicians would leave their air conditioned offices, & spend fire season on the ground fighting the fires. Then see what their opinions are.

    1. Yes I agree with you. Rain I can appreciate once in a while. If it is more than a couple of days I am tapping my fingers waiting for it to end.

  6. Hey to even a born and breed Aussie the heat of Queensland is waaay too intense, let alone standing in it for 10 hours a day. Btw I love the vibe of Melbourne.

    1. Melbourne was a nice break from QLD heat for sure, however as it has non stop rained the past few days I am kind of missing the humidity! But not farming in it…

  7. My Aussie vacation romance ‘accused’ me of being a heat slut. I like sun and heat. But Melbs weather is often mild, no?

  8. Since the weather is beyond my control, I can either be for or against it for my own particular reasons:” I am so glad it’s raining so that I don’t have to water the garden today, or, oh no! it’s raining and now I can’t go to the park as planned, or”…and it is going to do what it does outside no matter how I feel about it. Might just as well welcome and adapt to whatever happens.

    1. To acknowledge we aren’t in control and be okay with it can only be a good thing 🙂 a good way to live life for sure.

  9. “On a rainy day I feel like I am allowed to and that sense of urgency washes away with the sound of the rain”
    Absolutely love that line

    1. I guess in Germany like the UK, when the sun is shining we make the most of it! I always try to get outside when I am back home and it is sunny.

  10. The husband is British and loves a grey, rainy day. Maybe that’s a thing for British ex-pats? It’s what you grew up with so it brings a sense of nostalgia when living abroad??

    1. Yeah possibly, we aren’t designed for sunshine haha, but it doesn’t stop many from seeking it. I guess it could be a reminder of home, or just a break from the heat. But everyone is different I guess 🙂

  11. Because of the numerous drought years we’ve had in California, the rain has been a blessing to just washing our environment. Plus, for all us rain collectors, it’s been really beneficial for our vegetable gardens and landscapes. And it also re-enforces our hope and gratitude that the planet is still alive. Have a wonderful day!

    1. It is always nice to hear of the communities getting the rain they’ve needed. I think we are lucky in the UK to never have this issue, however we really take it for granted. I hope this summer is a good one for you without the droughts!

    1. Thank you!! I really appreciate it hope you stick around as I travel 🙂

      I hope you’re having a great week.

  12. The post you visited on my blog probably answers your question, Sam – I have a love of wet and wintery weather. To be fair, it does need to be tempered with a few glorious sunny days, and there are certainly times when I get heartily fed up of the long stretches of Cornish rain down here! (Thanks for the follow; looking forward to exploring your blog now…) 🙂

    1. Too much rain can be a downer for sure, it is beautiful when experienced in small doses 🙂

      No problem, and thank you for following mine! I hope you are having a great week.

  13. I like living in England and benefiting from having four proper seasons. With that said I still find myself daydreaming about the winter sun when I’m here. I think it’s great as a holiday / place to visit but I don’t know if I’d want year round sunshine.

    1. I am pleased you like England’s seasons, it isn’t for everyone however I certainly love it 🙂 and I admit I do miss more tropical climates after a while, but when I am away (like right now) I look forward to coming home again.

  14. Rainy days were great when I was a teenager, I loved putting on headphones and listening to music till I fell asleep, I used to love riding my bike in the rain, and even just taking a walk in the rain. As an adult I love to go out in the rain if I don’t have to go – a day off its wonderful. If I have to work not so much.

    1. The key is knowing that we are walking in the rain on our terms! I agree walking into work with wet feet is horrible. When prepared for it on a day off is great. Glad we are in the same boat here!

  15. I can’t stand the heat and humidity. I visited airs New Years 2015 and the +36C feels like +47 was too hot. Even my sweat had sweat. My best day is sunny with white puffy clouds, +23 C and a breeze. Cheers. Allan

  16. My eyes are very sensitive to light, especially bright sunlight, so that it is essential for me to wear a good pair of sunglasses over my glasses when out and about. That’s why I like rainy days that also cool down the summer heat for a little while at least.

    1. Yeah the light can be blinding at times. And I think I have seen more sunlight here than I have in a lifetime back in the UK!

  17. I love a good soaking rain on occasion. Lived most of my life in the Chicago area, where there can be endless cloudy, cold, and rainy/snowy days. Now I live in the Arizona desert. Love the dry heat, though we get monsoon storms here in July and August that can be produce strong winds and gully-washing rains.

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