I regularly walk through Melbourne Central when in the CBD, usually going to or coming back from work. I always thought the clock above was impressive but today there was a bunch of people taking photos at the same time.

It seems that on the hour the clock moves to reveal a hidden section of birds and children playing flutes. Gentle music plays and goes along with this. It was something I’ve never noticed before walking through, despite doing so countless times now.

I thought it was pretty cool and reminds me that I still have a lot to see in Melbourne, even on my most regular walks.

Just thought I’d share this little discovery with you all!



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24 thoughts

    1. It is pretty cool, I went passed it not too long ago and that hidden section certainly isn’t in view all the time. I had to double check haha.

    1. Yeah above this is the little library I mentioned in a post not too long ago. A couple of pretty cool finds here 🙂

    1. Yeah it is worth a look if you are in the CBD on a stroll, and as weird as it sounds, the cold weather and music gives it a Christmassy vibe haha. I sometimes forget it is almost June…

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