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Meet and Greet page: Introduce yourself here!

I am so pleased I set up this meet and greet page. So far hundreds upon hundreds of you have taken the time to like, comment and share your blog with the community. I continuously look through the comments to see what great blogs have been shared, there are such a diverse range of topics and interests it reminds me why this site is so cool. We really are a fascinating species and the fact we all differ in what we like is what makes life seem fun.

Some of them make me laugh. Others are a lot more personal and used as a therapy or with an aim to provide awareness on certain topics. Many of them really do hit me and I am pleased that this channel can help in a small way, even if it contributes to a couple of views or even a follower. You all help me so much with your interest in my blog and it is the least I can do for now to give back some of that appreciation.

I will re-post this meet and greet page every now and then to give some of the newer comments some exposure, and allow those of you that have commented in the past to do so again if you wish.

Here it is, 358 great blogs so far to discover!




Welcome to my meet and greet page, inspired by some of the first bloggers I followed and I have love that my followers are eager to put their blog posts out there and read the posts shared by others. For this reason I have introduced this page and I will keep returning to it regularly.
I feel my community is now large enough to provide a page for you to promote your blog and get to know other bloggers a little better.

So with that, feel free to introduce yourself here. Who are you and where are you from? I would love to see the diversity here with such an international blogging audience and feel free to link your blog for others to read.

New to this page? Welcome!

Already posted here in the past? Feel free to stop by and say hello anytime.

It is going to be hard if not impossible to keep up with comments on here whilst I publish posts around it, however I am constantly on the page looking at all the contributions and I will re-post this regularly to give a better opportunity for posts to be seen.

Hopefully you find a new cool blog to follow and someone feels the same way about yours 🙂

Happy blogging!


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  1. Hi, what a great way to talk to our amazing community. My blog is mainly travel. Travel now, in the past and anecdotal along the way. This week’s blog is about doors” Last week’s was how to enjoy York in the UK in 48 hours. I love sharing stories with the rest of the world and love to read your blogs. Good health and happy blogging.

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  2. Thanks for following.
    I have just made my second blog post today and your follow was really encouraging. My blog is about reflections, explorations, and food-love.
    These three areas are my major interests. I am fascinated by having a deeper meaning and purpose in life. I love to travel and explore and believe that even the humble most travel can offer very meaningful experiences. I belong to a cosmopolitan and have seen the fusion of cultures all my life. I want to portray the diversity of my city reflected in its food.
    I am also into photography so almost all the pictures on my blog are from my phone’s camera. It’s been two days here on WordPress and it feels great. The fact that someone from as far as Romania, UK, and the US read and liked my posts just gives goosebumps!
    Thanks again, hope you will keep visiting iA.

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  3. Thanks for being one of my first followers Sam. I love the idea of this introduction page! What a great way for bloggers to discover and support each other. My family and I love planning our next get away. My blog features travel tips, homes to buy and rent, and our personal vacations. Check it out at


  4. This is a fantastic idea to build your blogger community. I have a growing blogger community and value the interaction with my fellow bloggers. We discuss so many things besides travel. I co-host a weekly photography challenge and write about things that puzzle, frustrate me as well as information that is important to share with others. Everyone’s opinion is important at Something to Ponder About. You are very welcome to come and say Hi! I will be happy to meet you! You can find me here:


  5. Hello friends!
    First off let me say that this is a brilliant idea, putting minds together to better one community. I have a blog: which basically discusses my adventures as I navigate on my own through Australia and other nations 🙂

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  6. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I write mainly about travel and living in SE Asia @ I also do a bit on language learning and book reviews!


  7. What a great idea this is – never seen anything like it before! Hi, my name’s Chris and I am The Real Chrisparkle (Chrisparkle was my mum’s nickname for me, usually shortened to “Sparks”) – my blog is and I mainly write reviews of plays, shows, comedy etc that I’m lucky enough to see where I live in Northampton and also the rest of the UK. As well as that, I do a little travel writing, the occasional Eurovision post (don’t judge me), and I’m also blogging a few extra challenges; I’m re-reading (and writing about) all Agatha Christie’s books (The Agatha Christie Challenge), re-watching all the James Bond films (The James Bond Challenge – you get the drift), and I will soon (hopefully) be starting the Paul Berna Challenge (favourite children’s author) and maybe even the History of the English Speaking Peoples Challenge…. in due course. Please drop by and take a look!


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