I have booked my flight to Melbourne. Friday the 15th will be my final full day in this great city, and the only thing keeping the sadness at bay is the excitement to get to know another great Australian city.

Another reason why I would really recommend a working holiday visa is that I can visit so many great places. Instead of the sad reality of having to fly home again after a short couple of weeks, I just move on to another beautiful and exciting destination. That is the thing with short holidays, by the time we get familiar with somewhere we have to leave. Check out, fly home and get back to work. I am still working here, but motivated by the fact that I am still on holiday. It makes it much easier.

Also, I am really pleased that I have had responses from two hotels in Melbourne that have considered a transfer. I am going to be in contact with one tomorrow and another in a few days. If I can get straight back into work that will be fantastic. I haven’t been able to save too much money in the past couple months and working will really help to fund my travels and provide me more freedom to explore. And with this, plenty more blogging material.

Also, I might be heading to Sydney for a day later this month. I have been requested to attend trial as a witness for an incident that occurred whilst I was working in the city roughly a year ago, however I am still unsure if I need to be there. It sounds like they are evaluating how much information I can provide and see if it is worth flying me down. Obviously I cannot state too much however if you see a post from Sydney after just arriving in Melbourne, this is why. I just have to wait and hear back.

So from the 16th, no more posts from Brisbane. I am very sad to leave, however I only have six more months here so it is time to move on. In a way the six months limit for work is a good thing as it keeps us backpackers moving when it is so easy to settle. And I feel I could settle here easily. It is a great place.


Brisbane, you will be missed!


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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17 thoughts

    1. A reason why I got my visa when I did was because I was slowly creeping up to the big 3-0. Three months away now 🙁

      Thank you for the welcome, I look forward to welcoming in my thirties in your great city!

  1. Love Melbourne! If I were 20years younger, I would’ve upped sticks and moved there. But it’s not just Melbourne, the surrounding areas in Victoria are super and no doubt you’ll have opportunities to see them.

    1. Looks like I will have to check out the surrounding areas too! Mind you there hasn’t been in place in Australia I haven’t found beautiful so I look forward to landing in Victoria 🙂

  2. Whereas for most Poms a trip to Oz is normally a once in a lifetime experience, I feel very privileged in having travelled to Oz dozens of times in my lifetime. I’ve been to Melbourne 8 times but the last time was in 2004! Done Brisbane 23 times. Last time was in 2016. Hoping to do one more trip next year – probably my last – so am thinking about doing Perth, Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane.

    1. Wow, plenty of trips over here! That is a lot of flying hours too. I hope you are on some reward scheme for air miles 🙂

      It would certainly be interesting to see what has changed in the cities over the years, I have heard Brisbane in particular has changed a lot.

    1. It does, and seems that way about arriving in Brisbane. Time flies! But thankfully I have done a lot in that time.

    1. Apologies, I deffo responded to this however it is nowhere to be seen! I will let you know for sure if I visit 🙂

  3. Hi Sam! As a Melbournite, all I can say is ‘welcome’! Sadly Melbourne/Victoria is not at its best at the moment because of the fires in East Gippsland, but once we get some rain, I think you’ll love the place. Cheers, Meeks.

    1. Oh yes I have heard about the fires, hopefully as winter approaches this will subside and the region gets a well deserved break. I hope so!

  4. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to in Melbourne. It looks like an incredible city 🙂

    1. It is! My first full day here and I am about to get up and have another wander. I was out earlier however busy with an interview and spent a lot of time getting lost… I will be back to posting frequently very soon!

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