For the first time, I have linked my blog to other platforms and although it felt great, felt very weird. I have had this space to write for a few years now but only two days ago felt like it was the right time to push it further and export to social media. I saw a surge in views in doing so, in fact despite not posting anything yesterday it was my biggest day for views.

I have read all your feedback regarding what to do next now that I am publicizing posts, and I thank everyone that contributed to this. I have literally hundreds of comments on my last post helping me out with advice and personal experience moving forward and it has given me a much better insight as to what to do next.


Many of you use social media to share your blogs. Some find certain platforms better than others, I guess it depends on the style of blog as well as a bunch of other factors. But what is a common theme is that it has been really beneficial moving forward. It opens up a whole new world of potential readers and for that it would be silly not to. That is of course if the aim is to grow your blog. Not everyone has this desire.

Since doing so I have had a surge in views. Like I mentioned earlier, I had more views yesterday than I ever have previously. This shows how impactful Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the like are with such huge audiences. They are also platforms that we have well established over the years, it isn’t like we are building these up from scratch.

What I also learned through your feedback is that most of you wouldn’t mind if I took a step back from daily posts and maybe limiting it to 3-4 times a week instead, many of you stating this may even be better in the long run. Not posting yesterday was a great way for me to take a breather and dedicate a day to comments and more engagement on WordPress and other social media. It means I have longer to think up posts without rushing them out there, as well as balance my time between WP, Insta, Twitter and FB. This was my main fear publicizing, blogging daily and finding time to use all of these.

So here is the new plan:

Monday: Blog

Tuesday: Don’t blog

Wednesday: Blog

Thursday: Don’t blog

Friday: Blog

Saturday: Don’t Blog

Sunday: Blog

It’s like a shit Craig David song however I feel it will be really beneficial for me now that I am using more than just WP. And thanks for your help coming to this conclusion, it really is appreciated.




Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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42 thoughts

    1. Well you have done great regardless! It has really boosted my blog by doing so and I am pleased I have, even if I should have done it much earlier xD

      Thanks for the comment Jason.

  1. Sounds like a good plan! I have recently created an Instagram account and I’m still trying to balance between the platforms, it all depends on your needs and goals too, so good luck Sam💫

    1. Thanks Nassima, I wish you the best of luck on the different platforms, I understand what it is like trying to balance the time between them!

    1. It certainly is hard to find time Claire! And as well balanced as it sounds I have found it hard to balance xD But it will come with time I am sure. Thank you!

    1. No problem Linds, thank you for the kind words. Good luck on publicizing and I am sure you won’t regret it!

    1. Instagram is more about the pictures, you can post words alongside the picture and people can comment on the picture. Writing is more for WordPress but as I like my posts to have a picture alongside I will use Insta and post summaries there of my blog post. You will get the hang of it and maybe really enjoy sharing your WordPress blog there!

      Thank you 🙂

      1. Thanks so much for explaining. My kids use Instagram and I sort of get it, but you’ve managed to explain it far better than them! Thanks. Katie

      1. Thank you Sam, you are a lovely person with a heart of gold🦋
        Today I have post part 1 of my vacation in Canada.
        Make you a great day🦋happy blogging.

  2. I only post once every 3 days. And i did not know i was doing so lol. Now i just stay the course, for now anyway
    I am new as well, thanks for taking a dip . into the deep 😊

  3. Sounds like a good plan. Plus you can always revert back later on if you find it isn’t working for you 🙂

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