I’ve walked past this building daily and watched it grow over time. So for this reason I thought it would be good to do a quick post on it.

It’s an impressive size and is now the tallest building in Brisbane.

Walking through the Botanic Gardens it dominates the skyline. It’s almost complete by the looks of things and looks awesome with the sun hitting the windows. Even being surrounded by tall trees isn’t enough to block out the view of the 887ft tower.

Sometimes it is hard to capture the perspective in a photo, but being Sunday there were markets on in the gardens and this helped take care of that.

This is the view right underneath it. Skytower will also have the highest infinity pool in Australia. Not a bad view during a swim!

It’s a great addition to the Brisbane skyline, if high rises are your thing. It’s also the joint-third tallest building in Australia, rivaling the bigger cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

Brisbane holding its own!



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