I woke up with a text from a colleague asking if I wanted to go and see them live in Brisbane last night. I was an hour late responding so thought the opportunity had slipped however I got a reply that it was mine. Score.

I though the band must have been staying at my hotel, however I don’t think they were. So for that reason I need to actually find out how we got them… this is still a mystery to me.


Chad messed up at one point and it was pretty funny. Chad Kroeger is the lead singer and I remember their album Silver Side Up was one I fell in love with as a kid. You know the one with the hit single How You Remind Me on it. They of course played this and a few other that I knew, and some that I didn’t. I haven’t listened to their newer stuff as much as that album.

What the band seem to do live is drink. I remember this from their gig in Newcastle, UK too, funnily enough another time I received a free ticket through hotel work. At one point last night they even drank from a fans shoe.

Apologies for the vertical filming, I did it for Instagram.

And the problem with this is when you drink, you let some things slip. Earlier in the gig Chad told the crowd that he has accidentally said the wrong city once when saying hello to the crowd, and that it was right here in Brisbane. He said that he couldn’t wait to party in Sydney before realising that he was actually not in Sydney.

‘I can’t wait to party in Sydney!

*Ryan looks over to him with angry eyes*

hoooowever tonight we are in Brisbane!’

Apparently it went something like that. And tonight he made the same mistake hilariously, claiming that ‘Brisbane and Melbourne will be jealous with how many songs and antics are going on tonight’ before again remembering he was in Brisbane and Sydney was almost 1000km away. The crowd laughed and jokingly booed, but it wasn’t a big deal.

It was a good gig, and today my head hurts. Too many beers, but I am fine with this. That’s what a rock gig is all about. Overpriced beer.


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16 thoughts

  1. I am so happy for you, and a new memory you can put inside your heart and feel forevere. I hope you are okei today, even too many beers…
    Love from Norway -Orkidedatter-🦋

  2. I have seen Nickelback in concert 6 times and they’re always amazing. I know they have a lot of haters (including my husband) but I’ve always enjoyed their music and they’re one of the best bands live for fun, interaction with the crowd and energy.

    1. I agree, I can always rock out to one of their songs if it comes on, and seeing hem live is fun. They do have a lot of haters but also a lot of fans, I am glad your husbands hate was not a deal breaker :p

  3. I absolutely love Nickelback and am so jealous you got to see them. I’ve only seen them once in concert. But hey, a headache the next day is worth it as long as you had a great time at the concert. Cheers!

    1. At least you have seen them 🙂 and yeah, this is the kind of headache I am willing to put up with haha. Self inflicted and a result of a good time!

  4. Loved Silver Side Up. I’ve never seen them live and similarly haven’t listened to any of their newer stuff. They got so overplayed on the radio following the release of Rockstar that I got sick of hearing them. Glad you enjoyed the gig though.

    1. I went to the bar when they played Rockstar haha, not a fan of that one either. But live they are fun to see and played a couple of songs from the album.

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