This bridge walk wouldn’t end. Probably the most at risk you can be in Brisbane’s centre and there’s just no shelter from that sun. I’ve walked it before in this heat and it feels like forever.

It’s at least mid thirties here and the humidity is a killer. And I’m about to jump in a taxi to go see Nickelback as our team have been given some tickets very kindly. If anywhere heats up like an oven it’s a rock concert.

Wish me luck…



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15 thoughts

  1. It feels like forever since I was walking in the heat. Europe is a very frozen place covered in white. If I would have to cross a similar bridge around here, by the end of it I would have a frozen moustache 😅🙂

    1. Haha, looking at my Instagram and Facebook it seems pretty cold! It makes me not want to complain about the sunny weather here. Spring will be there soon I am sure!

    1. The warm weather is just around the corner for you I am sure! I will be heading to Melbourne soon and they get some really cold temperatures in winter, and I’ll be there for that.

      Hang in there too! 😉

  2. Can we trade? It’s – 22C here. I would love your heat … for about 30 mins, ha ha, if I’m honest.
    Humidity is the worst! At least when its cold, you don’t feel constantly wet.

    1. I was about to say yes, however I didn’t see the minus sign before the 22c! Geez. I guess the opposite temperature always seems appealing when we are going through an extreme. I hope it warms up for you soon though!

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