What I’ve noticed over here in the land of the creepy is that these spiders really don’t move all that much. It’s really helped my phobia diminish to the point that I can get up pretty close and get a decent shot. Not too close though.

There was a time when I was walking through a relatives garden late at night in Sydney and I almost walked face first into a web like this. If it wasn’t for my iPhone torch I would have been peeling it off my face franrically like Jim Carey in The Mask. That’s not a job I want to have before bed.

But saying that I love late night walks and seeing these webs. The spiders are pretty damn impressive and if you keep a look out, they are there and they seem happy to stay there for the shot.

If you want to see them, that is…

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    1. Thankfully spider bites rarely kill humans anymore thanks to anti venom, snakes are much more dangerous! Thanks, I will keep safe from these beautiful monsters 🙂

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