Looking at my uploads today, I’ve noticed that I uploaded the same ‘This is Australia’ post twice. I don’t know how it happened, whether it was my fault or a glitch but it did, so sorry if that confused anybody. But as I have comments on both posts that I will respond to I won’t delete. I’ll just improvise. Somehow.

I will learn from this to check my damn uploads and make sure I’m not clogging the feed.

Anyway, how is your Monday?




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26 thoughts

    1. Thank you! I’ve corrected it, I don’t what is happening. I think the feds are finally onto me. I knew this day would come.

  1. We have a saying to cover that kid of event here in the US; poop happens. 🙂

    No worries at all. I think it was WordPress honestly. My “Tenacious” reblog posted twice also.

  2. Yeah yeah, Every leaves a glitch once a while. It’s quite normal though; but regardless we enjoyed Reading both.

  3. I didn’t notice…things happen, no worries… I can’t remember having seen it at all… Well, that is my mistakes.. I have to check it out, can’t miss anything you write. Yout too good at it⭐️
    I love your blogg🦋

  4. Well, I’m a mess, I’m sorry, but I have read and comment and like your post «This is Australia»… well, typical me, speak and write before I check things out.
    I’m sorry🦋

  5. It shows we are Human!!! We live in a society where people portray to be perfect. Guess what? It’s good to know there are others out there who know it’s ok to make a mistake and learn from it. Hey, it just means your post is Double Good!!!! Happy Monday!!!!

    1. This is true, online platforms make our lives look waaaaay too perfect when in reality it is not that. It was actually nice to post this and admit the mistake haha.

      Thank you for the words of encouragement, I hope you have a great week!

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