When I say that, I am not referring to ourselves. I did sleep way longer than I should have today but yesterday was an unexpected and long day at work. I’m pretty charged again.

But no, I’m talking about phones.

As I am currently sleeping on the top bunk of a hostel bed, I have limited access to a charger overnight. This means I really need to charge before I sleep if I don’t want my phone to die overnight and miss that alarm call. Last night I didn’t do that, and my phone was on it’s last legs by noon.

As I was walking down to South Bank (a walk I love to take to wake me up before I blog) I walked right by a lizard that was perfectly positioned for a great shot. Now there are lizards running about here all the time, but this one was perched on the wall right on the footpath, staring right at me with the posture of a lizard that I can only imagine would adopt at a lizard modelling shoot. I was listening to music which probably didn’t help my battery life and as soon as I swiped up to activate the camera, blackness. That dreaded iPhone spinning wheel of death emerged on the screen and this shot was wasted.

Now I am using it as a reminder that I should have full charge, like all the time. Not because I am addicted to my phone (I am though a little bit, but I have to for my blog) but because you never know what is around the corner. What may seem like the routine walk to work or the shops or whatever it may be could one day provide the footage of a lifetime. The world is full of crazy and crazy shit happens everyday. I know this was just a lizard, but next time I don’t want to miss out on something that I might regret. Something potentially amazing.

Photography requires quick thinking at times, and taking plenty of shots is good practice for this. But the first step, get that phone or camera charged.

So instead, here is another picture I took of a lizard in the same spot some months ago. I think I named him Kevin in an earlier post.


Now get that charge to 100%!



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14 thoughts

    1. They look like they have sharp claws! I got the camera pretty close however I stretched my arms as far out as possible haha. Thankfully it didn’t mind too much.

      1. I did get very close to be fair! But this particular one was a beauty compared to many I’ve seen. It may be the biggest I have seen down there 🙂

  1. I’ve walked up and down that path quite a few times, and I have never seen a lizard, let alone one as huge as that! That’s an awesome shot! 👍

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