Walking down South Bank today (after the fire alarm kicked me out of the building I was blogging in) I noticed something a little different about the skyscraper I see everyday.

It was the relatively small arm sticking out of the slanted roof at the top, I assume it is for the window cleaners to do their thing and I hope, take a few Instagram shots whilst they’re at it.

How terrifying is that though? Being inside a building of this height makes me feel a little uneasy*, let alone outside on a few strings hanging above a huuuuuge drop. Every gust of wind a reminder of how fragile our lives are.

Saying that, what an opportunity to see a city from this perspective. Again, assuming that this is indeed for window cleaning. What a view!


*Evidence of this can be read over in my recent posts Fear of Heights and My Sister did the SkyPoint Climb and it Looked Terrifying from the Q1 Tower in the Gold Coast, the tallest building in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.


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    1. Oh no I would imagine they would get a much better wage to tempt people to climb to that crazy height! But I guess for some people it is routine and as normal as any other job.

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