Whilst I was walking across one of the many bridges over the Brisbane River (the one I referred to in this post) I noticed this little plastic guy hanging out on a tree branch.

Who does these things? Was someone walking past with it for whatever reason, probably looking around for a place to call it home and thought ‘those bunch of trees over the river, that’ll do’.

I want to know who did this and why, it’s a small thing but sometimes these small things take fairly large efforts. And reasons, and I want to know what the mind is behind the plastic lizard dragon chilling in a tree.


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21 thoughts

    1. It could be by them, however there is only one of these, I would have thought there would be maybe a few more in surrounding trees too? Maybe there is, I will have a closer look next time 🙂

    1. I have 🙂 A couple of times actually, so I am not sure what name you remember it as but it depends on when you were last over at my blog!

      1. Haha ah okay! Well I can safely say it wasn’t me but Blu Art Xinja, a fellow blogger told me and I linked to the artists Instagram in my latest post 🙂

  1. It does make you stop and think. This summer my wife and I were hiking along the shore of a lake north of where we live and stumbled across several Christmas decorations in a tree. In the middle of nowhere, Christmas decorations!

    1. Haha that’s hilarious, and I can imagine totally unexpected. Some people really do like to go out their way to give the middle finger to societal norms xD

  2. I always wonder that! There is one trail I use where there are dinosaurs all along the trail and another that was decorated for Christmas. Who does this and when do they do it???

  3. I️t sure does stand out. Maybe someone did it to help the passerby to stop and take in the beauty of their surroundings. It’s such a contrast with the greenery, and gives a playful feeling. I’d like to think the person who put it there was feeling joyful and wanted to make others smile when they see it. I️t sure got your attention, and now your followers attention. 😊 Pretty cool how one thoughtful act can reach so many people.

    1. This is true, it is nice to see a fun and happy addition to the gardens. And I love that I can share it with my followers! It is just a shame that the person probably won’t see this post, but you never know! Haha.

    1. Thank you! This is great I am so glad we have some info on this. I just gave you a quick thank you for letting me know and linked to your blog, much appreciated!

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