Just wanted to wish everyone in Australia (and to everyone else if you fancy jumping on board and celebrating with us) a very happy Australia Day 2019.


Now I know this is a day that brings mixed emotions due to the nature of the celebrations, I brought this up in my Australia Day 2018 post if you would like to have a read. This one was in Sydney, I worked on the evening so I spent the day looking around the harbour.


But I don’t want to get into a debate or deeply analyse the date here, I just want to have a beer. So that I will.

I just want everyone to know that I hope you have a great January 26th whatever it means to you, and that a date shouldn’t define whether you choose to be happy or angry or whatever emotion it may bring. Life is too short to be told when to be happy or sad.

I am off to have a beer or ten as I am back to work tomorrow, so have a good morning/afternoon/evening depending on where you are blogging from. If you are in Australia what are you doing for the occasion? Let me know!

See you all soon,



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Happy blogging,



21 thoughts

  1. Happy Australia Day to you too. I agree life is way too short. Blink and its over. So no point in being angry or sad. Lets just enjoy our country for what it is – wonderful, carefree…

      1. Here in town in Northern California.

        I heard years ago from a friend in Perth that Oz has “Texas Steak House” restaurants that are every bit as full of cliches as Outbacks are, LOL

      2. Cool! I hope it was good. And really? I can imagine it being full of cliches, maybe if I get to Perth I will have a look for it 🙂

  2. Happy Australiay it’s the first time that i heard it! but if you have a beer maybe its really good.
    greetings and enjoy it!

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