From the Kurilpa Bridge that I walk almost daily across the Brisbane River (I admit I had to quickly Google the name of that bridge as I had no idea), I have often glanced down and seen a running/cycle path however have found little reason to go down there myself.

This is the one I’m talking about.


That was until Christmas came and I realised I needed to exercise and burn off all that food and drink. I decided to take a look down there.

It’s pretty cool, almost hidden underneath the highway above. This is great because a lot of the route is shaded and it is an escape from the millions of people commuting daily. A great place to run and escape the busyness of city life.

It is also great to be so close to the water without railings. Apparently joggers and cyclists can be trusted not to jump in more than other members of society… although I worry about the cyclist that loses control after a lizard jumps into their path.


Does it motivate me to exercise? A little. It takes a lot to motivate me to run, however a view always helps as well as the feeling after finishing a run. A bit like writing really, the longer you stay away the harder it is. When you get a taste for it and you get the ball rolling it gets a lot easier.


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12 thoughts

  1. Indeed; great pictures.

    I’ve lived in too many bad areas in my life though. All I could think of was how that trail is a perfect spot for muggers.

    1. Oh I would never go down here after dark, no way. No matter where you live this is the kind of place you want to avoid alone and in the dark!

  2. Lots of CCTV but wouldn’t do it after midnight 😉 If you walk to Toowong, stop off at the Regatta Hotel for a refresher before continuing on to University of Queensland. Both historic sites for different reasons!

    1. Oh yes there is, didn’t realise until now! Good eyes. That would certainly make me feel better.

      And thank you for the recommendation, sounds like interesting places!

    1. I guess so, it is never too busy so you’re not constantly dodging people, I guess because it isn’t lined with bars and restaurants like the other side of the river. If you run you will pass a few people but that’s it 🙂

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