I have seen these weird looking pod things recently on my travels in Australia. They look a little alien, and when I remembered that my sister has a strange phobia of things with lots of holes in them, I had to show her one.

She didn’t appreciate that.


This phobia is actually pretty common. It is called Trypophobia and I found this article that goes into a little detail about the fear and possible reasons that we may have it.

I don’t know what this plant is but I have seen it on my walks. It does look a little strange I admit.

Have you seen it before? If anyone knows what it is I would appreciate the name. If not I will have to ask on my next round of souvenir shopping!


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31 thoughts

  1. A dried pod of the Australian native Banksia flower. Author May Gibbs, a legendary Aussie children’s author, wrote and illustrated an anthropomorphic series about Snugglepot and Cuddlepie and their troubles with villains the “Banksia Men” which terrified a generation, so your sister is not alone.

    1. Thanks!

      And regarding the series, I appreciate you telling me about it, I hope I get educated on the pod more than terrified xD

  2. It’s definitely a banksia cone. Try and find a children’s book called Snugglepot and Cuddlepie by May Gibbs and you’ll find out all about the Big Bad Banksia Men. 😝

    1. You’re the second person to mention this here! Thanks, I’m going to have to look this book up… It sounds as intriguing as it does scary haha

    1. If it wasn’t in a shop I would keep well away! It looks like it has a hundred Venus fly traps on the outside of it haha.

  3. It doesn’t freak me out on first impression, but when you start thinking about all the things that could come slithering or skittering out of those holes, well, I kinda get where you sister is coming from.

  4. Absolutely no idea what the plant is but I’ve heard of the phobia and I’m actually quite the opposite (which I know is even weirder) looking at the holes is really satisfying…what is wrong with me!?

    1. Haha I think I know what you mean, it is certainly fascinating and I think I side with it being fascinating more than scary. The brain is a weird place isn’t it?!

  5. I have that same fobia and seeing this made me feel like something was crawling under my skin! Horrible! I still wonder what the purpose of those holes are (other than freaking someone out)

    1. I will have to let my sister know haha! A blogger above suggests it may be where petals or something else has dropped off it, which may be the reason 🙂

  6. I’ve never seen this thing before and it does look kind of strange. One of my former colleagues had a phobia about these things, like your sister. I have to say, I also feel a little unsettled looking at it, but I can cope. When we moved to China, at first I couldn’t eat lotus root because of the way it looks, but now I got over it. It’s too delicious to ignore it.

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